You asked: How do I get a Netherlands nursing license?

Can American RN work in Netherlands?

If you’re from a non-EU country, you will need a working visa to work as a nurse in the Netherlands. The EMTG does not sponsor visas, so that’s important to keep in mind.

How much do nurses make in Holland?

Salaries by years of experience in Holland, MI

Years of experience Per hour
1 to 2 years $32.08
3 to 5 years $33.67
6 to 9 years $34.88
More than 10 years $39.00

Where can a nurse work in Europe?

Best European Countries for Travel Nurses to Work in or Travel to:

  • The Netherlands. The first destination on our list and one you definitely cannot overlook is the Netherlands. …
  • Germany. …
  • Switzerland. …
  • Luxembourg. …
  • Norway. …
  • Denmark. …
  • Ireland.

How do I become an international nurse in the Netherlands?

1. Basic requirements

  1. You must possess a European nursing degree. …
  2. You should also have a good command of the English or German language, minimum A2 level.
  3. Finally, it is essential to have a valid working permit in the Netherlands or a European nationality.
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In what country are nurses paid the most?

Luxembourg – $91,000 (USD)

Currently topping the list as the highest-paid country in the world for nurses, this tiny country in Western Europe pays its nurses very well. Because of the tiny size of the country and its tax haven laws, getting a job as a nurse is extremely difficult.

How do I get a nursing license in Europe?

To practice abroad as a nurse, you will need at least an ASN (Associate of Science in Nursing) or a (BSN), Bachelor of Science in Nursing. You’ll also need to pass your National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX-RN).

Can you work internationally as a nurse?

Along with roles across the United States, you may find opportunities for international travel nursing jobs in destinations such as Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. A career in overseas nursing can come with a lot of questions, from where you can go to how much money you can make.

Where is the best country to work as a nurse?

Best Countries to Work as an International Nurse

  • Australia. This country pays its nurses, on average, a salary of $56,000 per year. …
  • Canada. This country pays its nurses, on average, around $51,000 per year. …
  • Italy. This country pays its nurses, on average, a salary of $59,500 per year. …
  • Luxembourg. …
  • Virgin Islands.

How many years is nursing in Netherlands?

At this nursing school in the Netherlands, you’ll get to understand more about the social side of things that will make you competent in the world of nursing. The course takes four years, and it includes both practical and theoretical classes.

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What is the cost of living in Netherlands?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,438$ (3,043€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 963$ (852€) without rent. Cost of living in Netherlands is, on average, 6.33% higher than in United States. Rent in Netherlands is, on average, 14.61% lower than in United States.

How can I get nursing job in Norway?

If you are a trained nurse in another country, and want to work in Norway, you must therefore apply for authorisation from the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Norway does not have its own authorisation scheme for specialist nurses. When you apply for authorisation or a licence, you must complete an application form.

Can I get nursing job in Germany?

Yes! There is no age restriction. Interested persons from abroad can apply at any age – as long as they fulfill the central requirement to speak German on level B1 or B2. In order to directly work as a nurse one needs to have studied nursing abroad.