What is the work culture in Belgium?

Belgians generally enjoy an effective work-life balance. They work to live, rather than the other way round, but generally manage to enjoy the business of working. However, being great enthusiasts for the good things in, they make sure that both work and leisure receive equal attention.

What is the main culture in Belgium?

Belgian culture involves both the aspects shared by all Belgians regardless of the language they speak and the differences between the main cultural communities: the Dutch-speaking Belgians (Flemish) and the French-speaking Belgians (mostly Brussels and Walloon people).

What do people do for work in Belgium?

Jobs in Belgium

The majority of Belgians work in the service sector in the banking, law, media, retail, tourism and transport industries. A limited number of jobs are available in industry.

Is working in Belgium good?

According to Universum’s Global Workforce Happiness Index, Belgium landed in the top spot. … The survey calculated employees’ happiness based on their job satisfaction, employer recommendability, and company their loyalty. A happy employee views the company as a good place to work and has no interest in changing jobs.

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What is considered rude in Belgium?

It is considered impolite to snap your fingers. Do not put your hands in your pockets, yawn, scratch or use toothpicks in public. Feet should never be put on chairs or tables. Back slapping is considered offensive.

What do girls wear in Belgium?

In Brussels, semi-casual for ladies means: a skirt — a short skirt in most cases — dark-colored (usually black, brown or blue) nylons or leggings, high heels which tend to be one to two inches high with a very thick heel for stability on the cobblestones, a feminine blouse or shirt which is often see-through or tight …

How does school work in Belgium?

The school system in Belgium is structured on three levels – pre-school, primary and secondary – and includes children from the age of two-and-a-half up to 18. … Education is compulsory from the age of six to 18, but children can also follow individual or collective home education.

What are the benefits of working in Belgium?

Employee Benefits in Belgium

  • Social Security. …
  • Healthcare and Insurances. …
  • Holidays and Annual Leave. …
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave. …
  • Sickness and Disability Leave. …
  • Pensions: Mandatory and Typically Provided.

What is the most popular job in Belgium?

Top 10 job boards in Belgium

Ranking Job board
1 Vdab.be
2 Jobat.be
3 Indeed
4 Leforem.be

Can you work in Belgium with English?

Language requirements to work in Belgium

You would most likely be expected to speak the language of the particular region in which you’ll be working. In some cases, mainly in international companies, English may be sufficient.

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Is Belgium friendly to foreigners?

As of 2020, expats in Belgium numbered 1.4 million people. That’s about 14% of the population. … Belgium is also easily accessible to expat English speakers. Belgian people are friendly and tolerant, and crime rates are low across the country.

How long is a work day in Belgium?

Working place in Belgium

Belgian law fixes working hours at 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. Both limits must be observed simultaneously. These maximum limits may be reduced by collective agreement.

What is the highest paying job in Belgium?

The highest paid Belgium are Executive Management & Change professionals at $126,000 annually. The lowest paid Belgium are Services, Tourism & Hospitality professionals at $36,000.

How do you say hello in Belgium?

Most people in Belgium speak French, with a small portion of the Belgian population speaking Dutch (Flemish).

Belgian Phrases.

Hello: Salut Pronounced: Sal oo
Good Evening: Bonsoir Pronounced: Bon swar
Good Morning/Afternoon: Bonjor Pronounced: Bon jor
Thank You: Merci Pronounced: Mer see

How many kisses do Belgians give?

Three Kisses: Belgium, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Egypt, and Russia (where it’s accompanied by a bear hug)

Is Belgium safe at night?

Overall, Brussels is a safe city. However, it has the highest crime rates in Belgium. … At night, it’s best not to walk around alone and you should also avoid certain parts of the city in the dark.