What is my Holland Code?

What is your Holland Code?

A Holland Code is a three-letter code that is made up of an individual’s three dominant personality types out of six possible choices, according to a theory developed by Dr. John Holland, a psychologist.

What are the six Holland Codes?

Holland proposes six personality types matched with six work environments: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (summarized as RIASEC).

What is your 3 letter Holland Code?

The Holland code is a three-letter identification code that represents a person’s three most dominant personality traits. Participants complete an assessment that asks questions revolving around six distinct personality types. Upon completing the test, a person gets their specific code.

How accurate is the Holland Code?

Your Holland Code is a generalization, not likely to be an exact fit. However, it might help you discover where you can find occupational satisfaction. There are a number of instruments designed to help you identify your Holland Codes.

What are Holland codes and what is your Holland Code Type?

The term Holland Code, Holland Codes and abbreviation RIASEC refer to John Holland’s six personality types: Realistic (R), Investigative (I), Artistic (A), Social (S), Enterprising (E) and Conventional (C). … For an accurate assessment of all six Holland Codes, take Career Key’s career test.

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What is Holland’s Self Directed Search?

WHAT IS THE SELF-DIRECTED SEARCH? The next generation of John Holland’s Self-Directed Search® (SDS®) is a career assessment and exploration tool that matches your aspirations, activities, and talents to the career choices and educational opportunities that fit you best.

How do I find my Riasec code?

Find out Your RIASEC Code

Try out the RIASEC activity on the MySkillsFuture portal to get your 3-letter RIASEC code, and explore possible local jobs that may fit your interests. For a detailed list of job options, you can explore O*NET, which recommends a list of possible jobs based on your RIASEC code.

What is the Holland code for a teacher?

Interests: Investigative, Social, Artistic by U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You have chosen: ISA.

Job Zone All 4 5 5
Code 25-1081.00
Occupation Education Teachers, Postsecondary

Which Holland code likes structure?

Individuals who identify most strongly with the Conventional Holland personality type are organizers—logical, efficient, and detail-oriented. If you are Conventional, you like structure, rules, and clear procedures.

What is Holland code nursing?

29-1141.00 – Registered Nurses.

What does enterprising mean in Holland Code?

Enterprising: “The Persuader” Enterprising individuals like to work with other people; they particularly enjoy influencing, persuading and performing. They like to lead and tend to be assertive and enthusiastic.

What are the most common Holland codes?

According to John Holland’s theory, most people are one of six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

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What Holland code is cosmetology?

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Work Environment: Artistic Non-conforming, original, independent, chaotic, creative:
Job Title (Holland Code) RCC Program Options (links to graduation guide)
Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists AES
Music Directors AES AAOT OTM
Radio and Television Announcers AES AAOT

What are the Holland’s six personality types?

Holland found that people needing help with career decisions can be supported by understanding their resemblance to the following six ideal vocational personality types: Realistic (R) Investigative (I) Artistic (A) Social (S) Enterprising (E) Conventional (C) Work settings can also be categorized by their resemblance …

What is Donald Super theory?

Donald Super influenced the idea that developing a sense of self and realise that you change over time is important when planning your career. According to Super, self-concept changes over time, and develops through experience. … As such, career development is lifelong.