Question: How do you say kind in Dutch?

What does Azels mean in Dutch?

Gunther: Ezel. (Donkey or ass. Also slang for a dumb person.) Ross: You’re an ezel!

How do you say respect in Dutch?

respect → respect, achting, eerbied, aanzien. respect → respecteren.

How do you say snap in Dutch?

snap → klakken, klappen, kletteren.

What is quote in Dutch?

quote → aanhalen, citeren, quoteren. quote → citaat, aanhalingsteken, bestek, prijsopgave, aanhaling, quote. quote → citeren, noemen, aanhalingsteken.

What does Gunther call Ross?

Gunther is fluent in Dutch, once calling Ross an ‘ezel’ (literally: donkey).

What is Gunther saying in Dutch?

Then there was an episode where Gunther spoke Dutch to Ross and called him an “ezel,” which really sounds like [a*****e] but means “donkey.” When Ross called Gunther an “ezel” back, Gunther responded, “Jij hebt seks met ezels.” That translates, literally, into “you have sex with donkeys,” It really surprised me that it …

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