How was the system of power sharing differently followed in Belgium and Sri Lanka?

Both Belgium and Sri Lankan are democratic countries but they follow different system of power sharing. In Belgium shared equal powers to all communities, i.e. French and German speaking community. However, Sri Lankan followed a system called Majoritarianism by promoting the Sinhalese which led to a civil war.

How was power sharing different in Belgium and Sri Lanka?

Both Belgium and Sri Lanka are democracies and dealt with the question of power sharing in different ways: In Belgium, the leaders realised that only by respecting the feelings and interests of different communities and regions, they could achieve unity. So they made mutually acceptable arrangements for sharing power.

What is the difference between policies adopted by Belgium and Sri Lanka regarding power sharing arrangements?

“Both Belgium and Sri Lanka are democracies but they follow different systems of power sharing”. Support the statement by giving three points of differences. (ii) In Belgium, there is no discrimination between religions. But in Sri Lanka, a new Constitution declares that the state shall protect and foster Buddhism.

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In what ways is the political system in Belgium different from political system in Shri Lanka?

Belgium leaders established a federal structure under which power was shared between the Union government and it’s other constituent units whereas Sri Lankan leaders adopted Unitary government structure. 3. The Belgium solution helped in avoiding civil war whereas the majoritarianism in Sri Lanka led to the civil war.

What is the similarity and difference between Belgium and Sri Lanka?

Similarity between Belgium and Srilanka are: Both nations have small geographical area and small populations. Both nations faced ethnic problems.

How is power shared between Belgium?

The power shared among people in Belgium is as follows : 1) Dutch and French speaking ministers shall be equal in the central govt. 2) Many Powers of the central government have been given to state govt. … 3) Brussels has a separate govt in which both the communities have equal representation.

What are the differences between the style of government in Sri Lanka and Belgium What are the outcomes and lessons Learnt?

Sri Lankan government adopted majoritarian rules.It ignored the interests of the minority community(tamils) and thus there wasnt equality in the country. Whereas Belgium took a different turn. It sought to promote equality in the country. There was equal representaion of both the communities.

Why is Belgium model of power sharing better than Sri Lanka model?

It’s because in Belgium there was no official religion and no official language whereas in Sri Lanka Buddhism was official religion and Sinhala was an official language due to which Tamils felt alienated.

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What is the difference between vertical power sharing and horizontal power sharing?

Horizontal power-sharing is the division of powers amongst the organs of the government. Vertical Power sharing is the division of powers amongst the different levels of the government. … Vertical Power sharing is the division of powers amongst different levels of the government.

What is power sharing what are the different forms of power sharing?

Power sharing =》Dividing All Powers on the basis of national and state level. 1)Power is shared among different organs of government such as Legislature, executive and judiciary . this is known as horizontal distribution. 2)Power can be shared among different level of government such as central and state level.

What is power sharing why power sharing is important in a democracy?

Power sharing is the need in democracy because of the following: It helps in reducing the possibility of conflict between the social groups. Since social conflict often leads to violence and political instability, power sharing is a good way to ensure the stability of political order.

What are the different forms of power sharing give an example of each of these?

Example: In India, power is shared among Central government, State government and local governments. → Distribution of Power among different Social Groups: Power may also be shared among different social groups such as the religious and linguistic groups.Example: ‘Community Government’ in Belgium.