How much does it cost to register a car in the Netherlands?

How do I register my car in the Netherlands?

Registering your car to you

If you have a Dutch ID, you can go to your local post office with all of your documents and identification and they do it for you. If you don’t, you need to go to a RDW inspection station. Either the person selling to you needs to come with you, or you need to be given the cars documents.

How much is car tax in the Netherlands?

Company car and car tax

If the car has no emission the value is set at 4% of the Dutch catalogue value. When the car has nearly no emission the car tax is 15%, then there is a 21% percentage for low emission cars. All other cars have a 25% of the Dutch catalogue value added to their income.

How much does it cost to own a car in the Netherlands?

After you get your plates, you are obligated to take out a third party private insurance, which is generally a bit expensive, but not as expensive as you might think. All in all, having your own car in the Netherlands will cost you around 150 euros per month depending on how much you drive. Congratulations!

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How do I register a foreign car in the Netherlands?

This is what you need to do to import a vehicle and apply for a Dutch registration number:

  1. Drive the vehicle into the Netherlands. …
  2. To apply for a Dutch registration number, make an inspection appointment with the RDW.
  3. On the agreed day, take your vehicle to the inspection station for the examination.

Why are cars so expensive in Netherlands?

Massive levels of tax on new cars and a super tax on oil-burners too. Travelling abroad to buy does not help as you still have to pay the tax on import. You can easily end up worse off doing this, as the base price of the car in NL before tax is actually quite low.

Can I drive my car in Netherlands?

Driving in the Netherlands FAQs. Can I drive my car in the Netherlands? Yes, so long as you’ve got a valid UK driving licence and V5 registration document, along with the right insurance and breakdown cover for your trip.

Can a foreigner buy a car in the Netherlands?

So, can a foreigner living in the Netherlands buy a car in the first place? The simple answer is yes, although the process can seem a little daunting. There are a lot of practical aspects to consider and it can be difficult to know what platforms and dealerships to trust.

How do I Tax a car in the Netherlands?

Paying motor vehicle tax

When you register your vehicle, you automatically receive an assessment from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). You pay the motor vehicle tax (also known as road tax) once every 3 months. You yourself are responsible for paying the motor vehicle tax in time.

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What is BPM in Netherlands?

Bpm is the private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax. Do you buy a passenger car, motorcycle or delivery van in the Netherlands? Or do you bring a passenger car, motorcycle or delivery van to the Netherlands from abroad? In that case you pay levies including bpm.

Is owning a car expensive in Netherlands?

The cost of owning a car depends on which car you have, how old you are, and how many kilometers you drive. The average monthly costs of owning a car are around €455,-. Do know that the gasoline prices in the Netherlands are kind of high.

Are cars expensive in Holland?

On average, Dutch motorists spend between € 600 and € 800 on their cars each month, depending on their fuel choice. … The cost of driving a diesel car can vary as much as € 350 a month across Europe.

How much does a car cost in Holland?

As of 2019, the average price of an upper medium passenger car from the E segment was approximately 76,000 euros in the Netherlands, whereas segment A and B had average prices of 14,800 and 22,500 euros, respectively.

Car segments Average purchase price in euros

How long can foreign car stay in Netherlands?

It concerns a passenger car, motorcycle or delivery van (motor vehicle) with a foreign licence number that has been made available to you in a foreign country. The motor vehicle is used for a maximum of 2 weeks in the Netherlands.

How long can you keep a foreign car in the Netherlands?


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Expats with EU citizenship residing in the Netherlands cannot drive a foreign-plated vehicle longer than 3 months Holland, which is the maximum length of time allowed for tourists and visitors.

Can I take my UK car to Netherlands?

You can continue to drive in the Netherlands on your valid UK driving licence until 30 April 2021. After that time, your UK licence will no longer be valid in the Netherlands. So be sure to exchange your UK licence for a Dutch licence at your municipality (Dutch) before then.