How much does a beverage package cost on Holland America?

Holland America Line has also introduced discounted pricing for its existing Signature Beverage Package, where guests save five dollars when they purchase the package online for $44.95 per person, per day, before their cruise; the same package when purchased aboard ship is priced at $49.95 per person, per day.

How much is Holland America beverage package?

Holland America Line

Package Details: For $54.95 per person, per day, Holland America’s Signature Beverage Package allows cruisers to indulge in a variety of wine, beer, spirits, cocktails (including nonalcoholic), sodas and coffee for an entire sailing. Each drink must cost no more than $11.

What does Holland America signature beverage package include?

The Signature Beverage Package is from around $51 per person, per day: This includes standard selections of wine, beer, spirits, sodas, coffees and cocktails up to a value of $9 each.

Is it cheaper to buy a drinks package on board?

For the best price, you should always book your drinks package in advance before your cruise and not wait until you get on-board the ship. … The onboard prices are inflated, and it’s still always cheaper to buy your package before you cruise.

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Does Holland America offer free drinks?

Free Drinks Offer: Signature Beverage Package has a daily limit of 15 beverages, which includes all beverages priced at US$11.00 or lower. Guests must order beverages one at a time and must be 21 years or older for alcoholic beverages.

Are gratuities included in the Holland America signature beverage package?

The Signature Beverage Package costs $54.95/night, plus a 15% gratuity, though it is available for $49.95 when purchased before your cruise – so we’ll round to $57.50/night.

How much are gratuities on Holland America?

Norwegian Cruise Line

Passengers booked in any suite category are billed $17.99 per person per day. There is no charge for children younger than 3. Tipping above and beyond the service charge is not necessary or expected. Also, should you wish to adjust the charges, you must contact the onboard reception desk.

How much is Club Orange Holland America?

The cost of Club Orange is $35 per person per day on Nieuw Statendam and Koningsdam and $25 per person per day on all other ships. The first and second guest in the same stateroom are both required to purchase the program. There is no additional charge for third and fourth guests in the same stateroom.

What is Holland America Advantage fares?

The fare is valued at $99 per guest per day for a seven-day sailing, which Holland America says is a savings of 50% or more if the amenities were purchased individually. … However, Have It All will be an evergreen promotion that will have a permanent place in Holland America’s offerings.

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Is it worth getting the beverage package on Royal Caribbean?

Based on the numbers, the Royal Caribbean drink package was worth it on our Freedom of the Seas cruise. It saved us $418.90, or roughly 34%. Part of this cost-savings was recognized by purchasing the drink package pre-cruise for 25% off the onboard price. We actually only paid a total of $792.96 for our drink packages.

Can just one person buy drink package on Royal Caribbean?

You may purchase a beverage package up to 72 hours before you sail, online at Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner. … As this is a personal package, only one beverage per guest will be served. No, packages can be purchased by individual guests. All packages are for single guest use and cannot be shared by multiple people.

Do P and O do wine packages?

P&O wine packages

P&O Cruises also offer two wine packages which give a discount when you buy six or twelve bottles of wine, compared to buying bottles individually. You can enjoy your wine in any restaurant or have it delivered to your cabin. You can see which wines are included in the wine packages here.

How much is a soda on Holland America?

There may be a price limit on the drinks that are included. If one guest buys the package all others in the stateroom may have to.

Soda Package Cost Per Day
Celebrity Cruises $9.00
Princess Cruises $9.99
Disney Cruise Line Soda Included on Pool Deck
Holland America $8.00

Is food free on Holland America cruises?

You must choose flexible or pre-set dining times when you book your cruise, and the fare covers all meals served at Lido Market, Dive-In and New York Pizza. Room service and afternoon tea at Tea Time are also included in the cost of your cruise.

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Can you bring your own alcohol on a Holland America cruise?

Each guest 21^ years and older may bring one bottle of wine or champagne (no larger than 750ml) onboard in carry-on luggage at the beginning of the voyage. … Guests are not allowed to bring beer, boxed wine, or other liquors and spirits onboard.