How can an Indian get job in Belgium?

Is it easy to get job in Belgium for Indian?

Many foreigners easily find work in Belgium and chances of finding jobs in Belgium’s main cities, particularly jobs in Brussels, are increased by the extensive international business scene and European Union (EU) presence.

Which jobs are in demand in Belgium?

Belgium is in need of:

  • accountants.
  • administrative staff.
  • architects.
  • electricians, plumbers, joiners and plasterers.
  • engineers, technicians and mechanics.
  • IT staff.
  • nurses and midwives.
  • project managers.

How can I move to Belgium from India?

To apply, you need to fill out the appropriate application form and present it at the nearest Belgian embassy together with your passport, two passport photographs, proof of insurance cover, and sufficient financial means to support yourself during your stay.

What is the most common job in Belgium?

Next come public administration, education and business services, making up 19%. Therefore, the most common occupations in Belgium are office workers in both the public and private sectors (general duties); shop assistants; home help; maintenance staff in offices, hotels and other businesses; and teachers.

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Can I move to Belgium without a job?

If you are an EU citizen then you can work in Belgium without a visa or work permit. Citizens of Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland do not need work permits but they will need to register if they stay for more than 90 days.

What is the highest paying job in Belgium?

The highest paid Belgium are Executive Management & Change professionals at $126,000 annually. The lowest paid Belgium are Services, Tourism & Hospitality professionals at $36,000.

Is Belgium good for Indians to work?

Belgium has a strong economy and, with its European capital Brussels as well as with its significant ports in Ghent and Antwerp, is an indispensable powerhouse of Europe. It is clear that Belgium likes to work with Indians. Indians can be found in both large and small companies.

How can I get work permit in Belgium?

The employer submits a work permit application to the immigration authorities in Belgium. Upon approval, the authorities forward the work permit to the Belgian Embassy in the prospective employee’s country of residence. The employee visits the Belgian Embassy in their country to apply for a residence visa.

What language is spoken in Belgium?

Official Languages: French, Dutch and German. Wallon, the local variant of French, is used by 33% of population. Flemish is used by more than 60% of the population, and is spoken in the northern part of the country. The languages learned at school are officially labelled French and Dutch.

Is Belgium Visa easy to get?

As for the most difficult, Belgium leads the way with a relatively high 16.9% of applications refused – the highest rate anywhere in the Schengen Area – but this still means that 83.1% of applicants are issued with a Schengen Visa.

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How Indian can settle in Belgium?

You will first need to work out which Belgium Visa you need, depending on the length of your trip, purpose, and how many times you plan to visit. The standard short-stay Schengen Visa is valid for trips lasting up to 90 days, while longer stays will require a work, study or family reunion Belgium Visa.

Is Belgium cheap to live?

Living costs in Belgium usually vary between 700 – 950 EUR/month. In big cities, you might need a larger budget, but this largely depends on accommodation type and your spending habits. Here are a few examples of average living costs in some Belgian student cities: Antwerp: between 780 – 1,230 EUR/month.

What is a good salary in Belgium?

Average salary in Belgium

According to data from the Average Salary Survey website, the average gross salary in Belgium is €61,357 a year. This is €37,923 after taxes. High paying jobs include the following: Company director: €129,150.

Which country is easiest to get a job?

11 easiest countries to get a work visa (for Americans)

  • Australia and New Zealand.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Cambodia.
  • Germany.
  • Ireland.
  • China.
  • Singapore.
  • Ecuador.