How bad do Belgian Malinois shed?

Malinois are constant shedders. They shed heavily twice a year. Belgian Malinois are intense dogs who are play-oriented and sensitive. Training should be fun, consistent, and positive.

How do I get my Belgian Malinois to stop shedding?

Regular grooming is really your front line defence against shedding. Not only does brushing keep the hair off of your floors and furniture, and on the brush, but it can also help to keep his coat in good condition. And this is because, when you brush, you spread the natural skin oils more evenly over his coat.

Do Belgian Malinois shed more than German shepherds?

The Belgian Malinois also has a thick coat and usually requires grooming at least once a week. This dog does shed more than the German Shepherd, which is something you want to keep in mind if you plan on keeping the dog inside your home.

Why does my Belgian Malinois shed so much?

One of the reasons for a considerable amount of shedding in Belgian Malinois is that they have a double coat. Their undercoat is soft and dense. The outer coat consists of straight hairs that are harder than the inner coat. Belgian Malinois coat is weather-resistant and waterproof.

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Why you should not get a Belgian Malinois?

This is a dog that does not do well with boredom – Mals can become restless and frustrated when they don’t have a job to do. This means that they aren’t well suited to households where the owners work long hours or travel often. Excess energy, coupled with such boredom, could have them tearing your house apart.

Do Belgian Malinois need haircuts?

They don’t require excessive grooming, but they do shed, so they need to be brushed consistently.

Are Belgian Malinois smell?

Strong Sense of Smell

Malinois have approximately 225 million scent receptors in their noses. To put this into context, dachshunds and bloodhounds are also known for having a strong sense of smell and they have 125 million and 300 million scent receptors, respectively.

Can a Malinois be a family dog?

A well-trained Belgian Malinois is smart, friendly, and can be very protective. The Belgian Malinois is a family dog ​​, and it is difficult for them to live in kennels. They remain protective and confident in any situation for their human family but reserved for strangers.

Why are Belgian Malinois so expensive?

Puppies are often spoken for before they’re weaned when sold by highly reputable breeders. If a breeder has a small litter, there will also be greater demand for the puppies they have available. The better lineage (and proof of it) that a Belgian Malinois has, the higher the price you will pay.

Should I get a Malinois or a German Shepherd?

In general, a German Shepherd makes a better family pet than a Malinois does. The Malis extremely high work drive, energy, and often highly strung personality means they are not usually the right pet for a standard family environment.

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Are Malinois fur soft?

Belgian Malinois Coat

Like a lot of other herding breeds, they have a double coat. The top coat is short and hard to the touch, whereas their undercoat is dense and soft.

Do Belgian Malinois have health problems?

Belgian Malinois have some health conditions that can be a concern, especially if you aren’t cautious about whom you buy from. They include hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, pannus and hemangiosarcoma. … Having the dogs “vet checked” is not a substitute for genetic health testing.

Are Malinois double coated?

The coat should be comparatively short and straight, hard enough to be weather resistant, with a dense undercoat. It should be very short on the head, ears and lower legs. … The mask and ears are black. The Belgian Malinois is a double-coated breed and will generally shed twice a year.

Are Belgian Malinois bad pets?

The Belgian Malinois is meant to be an intricate, working member of the family and will view his people as his pack. He is a strong, clever dog who can do well with children when raised with them and socialized properly, but he is not an ideal family dog for the average family looking for a companion pet.

Are Malinois aggressive?

Are Malinois aggressive? … It should not be aggressive or nervous in its attitude towards strange people or situations. Dogs with poor temperaments or who have been poorly socialized or trained, however, may be “shy-sharp” — snapping or growling out of fear or aggression.

Are Malinois protective of their owners?

Despite popular belief, Belgian Malinois aren’t naturally excellent personal protection dogs. They may be aggressive and may have an inclination to protect, but that doesn’t make them excellent protection dogs. What makes the Belgian Malinois an excellent family protection dog is training. And not just any training.

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