Does Arthur like Dutch?

Was Arthur loyal to Dutch?

Arthur Morgan

Dutch also regularly praised Arthur for his work in the gang, and also seemed to enjoy spending time with him. Dutch also seemed to fully trust Arthur and his judgment, giving him (along with Hosea) the same influence as himself in gang affairs, demonstrated before the Saint-Denis bank robbery.

Who is Dutch favorite rdr2?

Why is John regarded as Dutch’s favorite when Arthur is clearly the favorite one.

Does Arthur like Hosea more than Dutch?

He’s viewed as a more level-headed leader than Dutch, with Arthur even remarking in his journal that although Arthur loves Dutch like a father, he “loves Hosea even more”.

Was Dutch coming for Arthur?

Unfortunately, for as much as Dutch does actually care, he is a man burdened by convenience. He will not help his family members if helping them does not benefit him. When John is imprisoned, Dutch refuses to send for him, requiring Arthur to go behind Dutch’s back.

Do I shoot Dutch or Micah?

After a fight, Adler and Marston have Micah at gunpoint, only for Dutch to appear with weapons aimed at both. Micah uses the surprise to take Sadie hostage, while John tries to convince Dutch that siding with Micah is the wrong play. Dutch responds by shooting Micah, giving John the chance to pump him full of lead.

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Why does Dutch hate John?

Dutch is egotistical and is willing to put the gang in danger to reach his goals. … Dutch’s ego and insatiable paranoia lead him to believe John isn’t loyal to his gang, so he begins treating John as an outcast as RDR2’s story progresses.

Why does Dutch trust Micah so much?

Micah Was The Newcomer In The Van der Linde Gang

John, similarly, became a Van der Linde member at age 12 after he was almost executed for stealing, though Dutch stepped in right in the nick of time. Clearly Dutch felt like he owed Micah something in particular after Micah saved his life that fateful day.

Is Micah a good guy?

They were good people, but they did bad things. However, if there is one thing all gamers in the history of ever can agree upon, it’s that the character of Micah Bell was a downright villain. He was the prime antagonist of the game, the man whose guts we hated with all the anger in our bodies.

Did Dutch go crazy?

At best we learned that “Dutch went crazy” and now he’s taken up with some Native Americans to serve as his gang. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a far more incisive look into Dutch’s psychology, and it makes him a fascinating character until he just becomes infuriating.

Who did Dutch love?

Hosea and Dutch eventually met 14-year old orphan Arthur Morgan, who Dutch decided to take under his wing. Around this time, Dutch also began a romantic relationship with Susan Grimshaw, who also joined the gang. Their relationship would end, however, when Dutch fell in love with a woman named Annabelle.

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Can Hosea be saved RDR2?

Because Lenny and Hosea die as part of enormous scripted cutscenes (and ones that are integral to how the rest of RDR2’s story plays out, too), there’s no action the player can take that changes the events of the game.

How old is Sadie Adler?

4 Sadie Adler (25)

Sadie’s age is never really confirmed anywhere, but the running idea is that she’s somewhere in her mid-to-late 20s, so landing right in the middle is the safest bet.

Can you find Dutch after the epilogue?

After chapter six, we don’t actually see Dutch until the very end of epilogue two, although he can be read about in one of the newspaper reports. You can check that out in the “Notorious Bad Man Alive” article.

How old was Micah Bell when he died?

Bill Williamson was 45 when John tracked him down to Nuevo Paraiso, and Micah Bell was 47 when he’s killed by John and Dutch at Beecher’s Hope. Bill’s age is confirmed in the official Game of the Year strategy guide for Red Dead Redemption, while Micah’s age can be learned from an in-game newspaper in RDR2.

Did Dutch really care about Arthur?

A small detail that many Red Dead Redemption 2 players likely missed shows that Dutch genuinely cares about Arthur Morgan’s well-being. … One element that Red Dead Redemption 2 players might not have picked up on is Dutch’s genuine concern for Arthur Morgan anytime he ventures from camp for too long.