Best answer: How do you say count in Dutch?

count → graaf, aftelling, telling. count → tellen. count → graaf, tellen, calculeren, rekenen, berekenen, uitrekenen.

How do you count in Dutch?

You’ll have to memorize at least up to 20 to have the numbers really make sense, though.

  1. zero — nul.
  2. one — één.
  3. two — twee.
  4. three — drie.
  5. four — vier.
  6. five — vijf.
  7. six — zes.
  8. seven — zeven.

How do you count to three in Dutch?

Lesson 7 is about counting in Dutch.

Vocabulary list.

Nederlands English
één one
twee two
drie three
vier four

What number is een?

Dutch Numbers 1-100 Posted by sarah on Apr 2, 2010 in Dutch Language

1 een
2 twee
3 drie
4 vier

How do you count to 20 in Dutch?

We’ve provided this simple table of Dutch numbers from 0 – 20 for everyone who may be new to learning Dutch. There’s also a video below that contains native speaker pronunciation for each number.

Dutch Numbers 1 – 20 Posted by Transparent Language on Oct 25, 2012 in Dutch Vocabulary.

Number Dutch
19 negentien
20 twintig

How do you count in Danish?

To count up to twenty is easy in Danish. After twenty you read the numbers ‘backwards’, so instead of saying twenty one you say: one-and-twenty. Instead of saying fifty six you say: six-and-fifty.

Counting in Danish.

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1 EN
9 NI

What are some Dutch words?

Basic Dutch Phrases

Good Morning Goedemorgen khoo-duh-mawr-ghuh
Good Evening Goedenavond khoo-duh-nah-fohnt
Good Night Goedenacht khoo-duh-nahkht
Hi / Bye Hoi / Hallo / Daag / Doei hoy / hah-loh / dahk / doo-ee
Goodbye Tot ziens toht zeens

What does 100 mean in Dutch?

Dutch Numbers 100 – 200

Number Dutch
100 honderd
101 honderd een
102 honderd twee
103 honderd drie

What is 2in German?

Zwei – “Two” Drei – “Three” Vier – “Four”

How many digits are in a Dutch phone number?

Geographical telephone numbers

Since the reorganization of the telephone system in 1995, Dutch geographical numbers consist of 9 digits. The numbering plan implements a system of area codes.

Is Deutsch and Dutch the same?

The term Dutch refers to the language spoken in the Netherlands. … Over time, “Deutsch” gradually morphed into “Dutch”, which was used to refer to people from both the highlands that make up present-day Germany, and the lowlands that make up the present-day Netherlands.

What are the numbers 1 10 in Italian?

Matteo: Uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque, sei, sette, otto, nove, dieci. K: So that was one to ten. Are there any common mistakes which beginners tend to make when learning these numbers?