Who is the current Dutch prime minister?

Is Mark Rutte still Prime Minister?

After lengthy coalition negotiations, Rutte was sworn in as Prime Minister of the Netherlands on 14 October 2010. … Rutte remained in office through the 2021 election, leading the VVD to finish first for the fourth consecutive election. He remains the caretaker prime minister and is expected to serve a fourth term.

Who is the Dutch head of state?

Politics of the Netherlands

Politics in the Netherlands Politiek in Nederland (Dutch)
Head of State
Title King
Currently Willem-Alexander
Appointer Hereditary

Who is the current prime minister of Belgium?

Since 1814, the Netherlands has been a constitutional monarchy. This means the position of the monarch is laid down in the Constitution. The King is the head of state and together with the ministers he makes up the government.

Who is the prime minister of New Zealand?

Jacinda Ardern
Since 2017
Новая Зеландия/Премьер-министр
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