Where do students stay in Amsterdam?

The student residences Meer en Vaart and Erasmusgracht are located in this neighbourhood. It is 30 minutes from the centre. Temporary student accommodation has been created at the Houthavens area, next to river IJ in the Westerpark neighbourhood of Amsterdam. Students are housed in special pre-fab student buildings.

How can a student find housing in Amsterdam?

Websites for finding student accommodation

  1. Kamer.nl connects students with rooms, studios and apartments. …
  2. Kamernet is a large search engine of rental apartments and rooms. …
  3. KamersAmsterdam (in Dutch) features a range of affordable, student-friendly rooms in Amsterdam.

How much is student rent in Amsterdam?

Rent is between €300 and €850 per month, depending on what type of room you have. In addition to rent, you must pay administrative fees, a refundable deposit, and in some cases local taxes.

Is Amsterdam cheap for students?

Living costs for students in the Netherlands. Your monthly expenses will include accommodation, food, transport, books, clothes, and leisure activities. To cover these expenses, you’ll need between 800 – 1,200 EUR/month. … Amsterdam: 1,000 – 1,500 EUR/month.

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How do students find accommodation in the Netherlands?

How to find your own student accommodation in the Netherlands?

  1. You look for adverts for empty rooms in existing student houses. These can often be found on the internet or on campus at your university. …
  2. You rent your own house or apartment on your own or together with fellow students.

Where can I find cheap apartments in Amsterdam?

Social rental flats (‘sociale huurwoningen’) is the cheapest housing available in Amsterdam. Social housing is owned by Dutch private housing corporations. The Dutch government subsidizes the construction of new social rental houses via these corporations. The rent of a social housing flat in Amsterdam can be max.

Does Amsterdam university have dorms?

Locations and room types

All UvA student housing is located off-campus, at various locations in Amsterdam and Diemen.

Where can I see accommodation in Amsterdam?

Searching for a Flat / House in Amsterdam

Have a look at Funda (funda.nl/en) which has a comprehensive listing of rental properties in the Netherlands including the Amsterdam area. Alternatively you could talk to an estate agent (makelaar) or housing agency.

Can I rent a house as a student?

Share housing is one of the cheapest student accommodation options in Sydney and New South Wales. The more people that share the rent and bills, the less each person will pay. Share housing also provides an opportunity to meet people and make friends.

How can I live in Amsterdam cheaply?

So, how do you do it? The cheapest neighborhoods are in Zuid and Noord Amsterdam; the cheapest places to buy food are Lidl and Aldi, among other markets; the cheapest way of traveling, a bike. You can apply for zorgtoeslag, huurtoeslag and move to an anti-squat place.

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How much do students earn in Netherlands?

Internships and industrial placements will only be arranged for students if they are included in the programme being followed, however these can be full time, and there is no limit to what a student may earn. Students can expect to earn between 6 and 10 euro per hour for part time work they find themselves.

Is Amsterdam good for students?

Amsterdam offers high quality education

Higher education in Holland has a worldwide reputation for its high quality. Dutch educational institutions score highly in the rankings. Twelve Dutch research universities are among the top 200 universities in the world and thirteen are among the best in Europe.

Are Dutch universities free?

Higher education in the Netherlands is not free, however, it is subsidised by the Dutch government, making it affordable for Dutch students and also fairly accessible for international students.

Can a student buy a house in the Netherlands?

If you have a student loan, it is still possible to apply for a mortgage in the Netherlands. However, that loan is taken into account when it comes to the maximum mortgage.

Where do students live in the Netherlands?

Types of student housing in the Netherlands

Students can stay in various types of accommodation. They can choose to live in a student house or flat, which is a very common thing to do for Dutch students. However, students in the Netherlands do not generally live on their university’s campus.

How can students find cheap apartments?

How to get an apartment as a student? Here’s 5 ways

  1. Consider a private home rather than a complex.
  2. Ask a friend or family member to cosign the lease.
  3. Pay more upfront.
  4. Find a roommate.
  5. Sublet an apartment.
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