What is the best way to get around in Belgium?

How do most people get around in Belgium?

Most of Belgium is well covered by the rail network, so buses are used only for short distances, usually connecting train stations with other rail lines. Three companies providing service around the country include STIB-MIVB in Brussels, DeLijn in the Flemish-speaking areas and TEC in Wallonia.

Is it easy to get around Belgium?

Travelling around Belgium is almost always easy: it’s a small country, and there’s an extremely well-organized – and reasonably priced – public transport system in which an extensive train network is supplemented by (and tied in with) a plethora of local bus services.

What is the most common transportation in Belgium?

Like a lot of other countries, the most common form of public transit in Belgium is the humble bus. Whether you find yourself disconnected from the train network or simply traveling into the suburban fringes of the larger cities, chances are a bus will be your best bet.

How much money do you need per day in Belgium?

How much money will you need for your trip to Belgium? You should plan to spend around €114 ($130) per day on your vacation in Belgium, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, €34 ($39) on meals for one day and €14 ($16) on local transportation.

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Why is Belgium great?

Belgium is not only the land of waffles, beer, chocolate, and some of the best music festivals in the world but also of diamonds, surreal folk festivals, and a record-breaking political gridlock.

How do you get around Brussels?

The Brussels-Capital Region has a well developed public transport network, with trains, trams, buses and the metro all available, depending on where you want to go. You can also take the bike. If you don’t own one yourself, you can hire one under the Villo! bike share programme, which is expanding all the time.

How do you get to Belgium by train?

Domestic Train Tickets

Simply show up at the station, buy your ticket at the ticket machine or ticket window, and hop on the train. It’s easy. That said, you can check out belgianrail.be to see train prices and schedules.

How do people commute in Belgium?

A growing number of Belgians are travelling to work by bike or public transport, according to a recent federal study on commuting habits. Over the past 13 years, the number of people commuting to work by bicycle has increased by 43% across Belgium, while those travelling to work by train has grown 11.6%.

Can I travel to Belgium?

You are not allowed to travel to Belgium. You may only travel to Belgium if you have an essential reason in a very limited number of cases. Read more here. Check which COVID certificate you have.

Is Belgium cheaper than France?

In general, Belgium is less expensive than France. It’s a great place to spend some time and is often overlooked, or rushed through during trips to Europe.

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Is Belgium cheap for tourists?

Belgium is not a cheap country. Yes, it can be done on a budget but it’s a tight budget. There’s just a lot of high costs here and food and drink can really add up. While it will never be the cheapest country in the world, there are a few ways to cut costs and avoid spending all your money.

Is Belgium cheaper than Germany?

Germany is 9.7% cheaper than Belgium.