What does baby mean in Dutch?

How do you say baby in Dutch?


  1. immature or infantile person. baby; → kleuter; baby;
  2. very young human being. baby; → wiegenkind; geborene; pasgeborene; nieuwgeborene; boreling; baby; zuigeling;

What is baby girl in Dutch?

girl: meisje; jongedame; jonge vrouw; deerntje; jonge dame. …

What does Del mean in Dutch?

noun. vulgar or sexually promiscuous woman.

How do you say baby in Danish?

baby in Danish

  1. baby. spædbarn.
  2. Add new translation.

How do you say baby in different languages?

In other languages baby

  • American English: baby /ˈbeɪbi/
  • Arabic: وَلِيد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bebê
  • Chinese: 婴儿
  • Croatian: beba.
  • Czech: nemluvně
  • Danish: baby.
  • Dutch: baby.

Is Del short for De La?

Preposition. Contraction of de la (“from the”).

What is Del short for?

It is of French origin, and the meaning of Del is “of the”. Surname prefix. Used today as an independent name and as a short form of names beginning with Del-. Also form of Abdul. Also form of Dalbert.

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