What are the three levels of government in Belgium Class 10?

Legislative. Legislative powers in Belgium are divided between the national, the regional and the community levels.

What were the three levels of government in Belgium Class 10?


  • federal.
  • regional.
  • community government.

Which type of government does the Belgium have class 10?

Class 10 Question

The Politics of Belgium takes place in a framework of a federal, representative democratic, constitutional monarch. whereby the King of the Belgians is the Head of State and the Prime Minister of Belgium is the head of government in a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government.

Are there 3 community governments in Belgium?

The three communities are German, Dutch and French speaking people. This is the reason why the state structure of Belgium is so complex. … The community Government has the power related to educational, cultural and linguistic issues of the people of their people.

What is the third level of government in Belgium?

Community government is the ‘third level’ of government in “Belgium”.

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How many level of government does Belgium have?

Belgium has 1 federal government and 5 regional governments. Each government has a number of ministers with their own powers. The German community.

What type of government prevails in Belgium Mcq?

Democratic as well Constitutional Monarchy is the type of government that prevails in Belgium.

Which of the government has two or more levels of government?

Federalism is a political structure in which power is distributed between a central authority and the country’s different constituent units. A federation has two levels of government.

How many levels of government are there in a federal system?

There are three distinct levels of government in the U.S.: the federal government, state governments and local governments.

Why is Belgium divided into 3 regions?

Through constitutional reforms in the 1970s and 1980s, regionalisation of the unitary state led to a three-tiered federation: federal, regional, and community governments were created, a compromise designed to minimize linguistic, cultural, social, and economic tensions.

Which are the three communities in Belgium?

The Communities

  • Competence.
  • Flemish Community.
  • French Community.
  • German-speaking Community.

What are the three regions in Belgium?

There are three Regions. The names of the three regional institutions are borrowed from the name of the territory they represent. So we refer to (from north to south) the Flemish Region, the Brussels-Capital Region and the Walloon Region.

What is third level of government?

Answer: Panchayati Raj is the third level Government of India.

Which is the third tier system of government?

Therefore three tiers of government are: The federal, State and Local governments.

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