Quick Answer: What is the percentage of German speaking people in Belgium * 1 point?

On 1 January 2019 there were 77,527 people living in the German-speaking Community (2005: 72,512; 2010: 75,222). These inhabitants account for 0.7% of the total population of Belgium.

What is percentage of German-speaking people in Belgium?

Less than one percent of the German-speaking people live in Belgium. German is one of the least common languages in Belgium, and only 1% of the population speaks German. It is confined only to the East cantons part of Belgium, where mainly german-speaking people reside.

What is the percentage of German-speaking people in Belgium class10?

The Answer is Option D – 01%.

What are the German-speaking people in Belgium?

The German-speaking Community is the smallest of the three federal communities in Belgium. On a territory of 854 square kilometre it has a population of 73 000 inhabitants. These are predominantly German-speaking Belgian nationals, but also Walloon, Flemish and foreign citizens.

What is the percentage of German-speaking people in?

Native speakers

Country Speakers Percentage
Germany 69,701,200 85.2%
Hungary 38,248 0.4%
Kazakhstan 30,413 0.2%
Kyrgyzstan 7,063 0.1%
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What is the percentage of Belgian population in Flemish region and what is the language spoken by them Class 10?

Complete answer:

Belgium has a total population of 11.5 million. Of the nation’s total population, 59 percent of people live in the Flemish region. The people who live in the Flemish region speak the Dutch language. Then another 40 percent of people live in the Wallonia region.

What is the percentage of Dutch speaking in Belgium and Brussels?

French is the language spoken by 80 percent of the population in Brussels and consider it to be their first language. Dutch is spoken by the rest 20 percent of the population but there are sometimes other languages such as English and German are also spoken. But, French and Dutch are the two major languages used.

How many Germans are in Belgium?

German-speaking Community of Belgium

German-speaking Community Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft (German) Communauté germanophone (French) Duitstalige Gemeenschap (Dutch)
• Total 77,949
• Density 91/km2 (240/sq mi)
Day of the German-speaking Community 15 November
Language German

Which two languages are generally spoken in Belgium?

The two languages are generally spoken in Belgium French and Dutch.

Why is German spoken in Belgium?

In the east of Wallonia, next to the German border, are nine communities that used to belong to Germany. Belgium was given them in 1919, as a compensation for the damages suffered during the First World War. The inhabitants here speak German.