Is it worth studying in Belgium?

International students report that Belgium provides quality higher education in Europe. … Out of more than 7,000 students who shared reviews about European higher education, 256 students commented on their experience of what it was like to study in Belgium, giving the country an overall score of 8.6 out of 10.

Is studying in Belgium expensive?

Overall, as a student in Belgium you are expected to spend 800-1000 EUR per month. Finding a place to live on your own is more expensive, especially in a city like Brussels, ranging around 600-800 EUR per month. In smaller cities like Ghent or Leuven, the cost is smaller for student private accommodation.

Is studying in Belgium cheap?

Belgium is a multi-lingual country that offers a quality education at a cheap price. In fact, it is one of the few countries that offer free education – only requiring very affordable registration fees along the way.

Do international students get jobs in Belgium?

Students from EU or EEA countries can work without any additional permission. But an international student needs a work permit before working in Belgium. Without permission in form of work permit, you may not be eligible to work while studying in the country.

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Does Belgium have good universities?

Universities in Belgium

Many Belgium universities have a strong international outlook and composition, as well as a strong position in the international rankings. A total of nine universities in Belgium are featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2022, with all but one ranked within the global top 500.

Which is the cheapest country in Europe to study? crowned Poland as the most affordable European country for international students in 2018, with the average annual expenses of €7,000. This number combined the cost of living, rent, and average tuition fees. Find the list of universities in Poland, here.

Is Belgium cheap to live?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 908$ (802€) without rent. Cost of living in Belgium is, on average, 3.38% higher than in United States. Rent in Belgium is, on average, 38.99% lower than in United States.

By City in Belgium.

Rank City Cost of Living Index
3 Antwerp 71.15
4 Gent 70.46

Is Belgium a developed country?

Belgium is a developed country, with an advanced high-income economy. It has very high standards of living, quality of life, healthcare, education, and is categorized as “very high” in the Human Development Index. It also ranks as one of the safest or most peaceful countries in the world.

Is Belgium cheaper than the UK?

United Kingdom is 15% more expensive than Belgium.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Belgium?

Living costs in Belgium. Living costs in Belgium usually vary between 700 – 950 EUR/month. In big cities, you might need a larger budget, but this largely depends on accommodation type and your spending habits.

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Is Belgium good for international students?

International students report that Belgium provides quality higher education in Europe. … Seven universities in Belgium received an award of international student satisfaction. Five were considered “excellent”, receiving a rating of 9 out of 10, while two other universities in Belgium were rated “very good”.

Is it hard to find work in Belgium?

Many foreigners easily find work in Belgium and chances of finding jobs in Belgium’s main cities, particularly jobs in Brussels, are increased by the extensive international business scene and European Union (EU) presence.

Can I get PR in Belgium after study?

Once you live in Belgium for five years, you may qualify for permanent residency in Belgium. This permit will allow you to stay in Belgium indefinitely, working or otherwise, under similar conditions as Belgian citizens.

What is Belgium ranked in education?

The United Nations Education Index, which is measured by the adult literacy rate and the combined primary, secondary, and tertiary gross enrolment ratio, ranks Belgium on the 18th place in the world as of 2011.

Is it hard to get into Belgian universities?

In this country, there’s a 100% acceptance rate for Belgian nationals and the same applies to international students at most institutions. However, some colleges have a lower acceptance rate for foreigners and it’s important to keep this in mind.

Can I study in English in Belgium?

To study in Belgium, English will be enough. … That’s because Belgium has 3 official languages — Dutch (or Flemish), French (or Walloon) and German — and English isn’t one of them. While English is taught as a foreign language in schools, fluency levels will vary from one person to another.

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