Is it hard working at Dutch Bros?

Great job if you like fast paced and talking with customers. Can be stressful during busy times but that’s customer service for you. For the most part it’s a great time but can be tiring being on your feet. Management is different depending on which stand you work at.

Is working at Dutch Bros worth it?

Dutch Bros Coffee provides a great learning opportunity

A former employee only had good things to say about the role when they wrote, “Fun environment to work in. Upbeat and happy. Loved the people I worked with as well as many of the customers I got to know over the years.

Does Dutch Bros pay well?

The average Dutch Bros. hourly pay ranges from approximately $14 per hour for a Dutch Bros Barista to $17 per hour for a Manager. Dutch Bros. employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.3/5 stars.

How much do Dutch Bros employees make in tips?

Also, every now and then, they’ll even tip up to $20. All tips, however, is split evenly between everyone working the shift, so 8 to 10 people on on a busy shift won’t get you too much. Its good but not really enough to support yourself alone. Everyone working there has a second job or are living with others.

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Does Dutch Bros pay for training?

Yes, training is paid. Tips are only received after the employee has completed the training program and has passed the quality/recipe test.

Is Dutch Bros flexible with hours?

This company is very flexible with school schedules and gives you a variety of work skills.

How long is Dutch Bros training?

You get paid for 4 days of warehouse training and two weeks of training in stand before you take a test, if you pass the… What are the requirements for the Dutch Bros 30 second video application? Is training paid? I want to build relationships with people and serve them in their needs.

How should I dress for a Dutch Bros interview?

When appearing for an interview at Dutch Bros., you are expected to dress professionally and casually. Do not go for flat casuals like whole jeans or denim look. Again, extremely revealing clothes and low-cut tops are not recommended at all.

What do you say at a Dutch Bros interview?

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Dutch Bros Coffee? Be yourself! Don’t feel nervous, communicate clearly and openly. Just have fun!

What age does Dutch Bros hire at?

What’s the age requirement to work at a Dutch Bros? Company-wide, our minimum age requirement is 16; however, each location is locally operated and some areas may have additional age requirements in place.

Does Dutch Bros have a dress code?

There is no dress code and personal expression is encouraged and expected.

What are the benefits of working at Dutch Bros?

Which benefits does Dutch Bros. provide?

  • Insurance, Health & Wellness. Health Insurance. 2.0★ 1 Rating.
  • Financial & Retirement. Performance Bonus. 1.0★ 1 Rating.
  • Family & Parenting. Reduced or Flexible Hours. 3.3★ 4 Ratings.
  • Vacation & Time Off. Vacation & Paid Time Off. 2.0★ 1 Rating.
  • Professional Support. Job Training. 4.2★
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Do Dutch Bros employees get benefits?

The Dutch Bros Education Benefits Program is a custom-designed program tailored specifically to the talent needs, growth trajectory and goals of the company. The resulting program gives Dutch Bros employees the opportunity to realize the dream of education and advancement, cost and worry free.