In what way was Belgian method better explain?

In what way was the Belgian method better? Ans. The Belgians gave equal importance to all the ethnic groups. At the Centre, there were both French and Dutch ministers, and their number was equal.

Is Belgium process better why?

Belgian method is better and useful as it strives against getting separated. It allowed people to live together.

How has Belgian model proved to be successful class 10?

The number of Dutch and French-speaking ministers was madel be equal in the central government. … The state governments are not subordinate to the Central Government. Brussels has a separate government in which both the communities have equal representation.

Which method of power sharing was adopted by Belgium?

Answer: Belgium method of power-sharing is done through a 3 tier form of government. Explanation: Dutch people are mostly present in Belgium when compared to the French. … Here, the central government’s powers are with the state government who is not a subordinate to the central government.

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Why is the model of Belgium the greatest one?

Why belgium is consider as a good example of power sharing​

♥ There is equal number of Dutch and French ministers who are speaking their language in central government and there is no one sided decision can make by single community . Thus Belgium is considered as a good example of power sharing .

How did Belgian leaders solve the power sharing problem explain?

The Belgium government had amended the constitution for 4 times for collective being of people without any tensions. … Dutch agreed for equal number of people in the central government. The state government is not sub ordinate to central government. The state government of both communities have their own powers.

How has the Belgian model helped to prevent conflict and division of the country on linguistic lines?

It is so because many provisions has been made by their constituition. These provisions are not easy even for the people in Belgium to understand. These provision have helped avoiding civil strip between the two major communities and possible division upon linguistic lines.

How did the Belgium model help Belgium and the world?

Belgium accommodated its diverse population by working out an arrangement which suited to the needs of various communities. It was done in the following ways: Though the Dutch were in majority in the country, the French and Dutch speaking population was given equal representation in the Central government.

What is Belgian model explain?

Belgium model is the constitution made by the leaders of Belgium after recognizing the regional differences and cultural diversities. There are 3 types of government. The central government, which consists of the equal numbers of French and Dutch ministers.

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How was Belgian model proved to be successful?

The number of Dutch and French-speaking ministers was madel be equal in the central government. Some special laws require the support of majority of members from each linguistic group. Thus, no single community can make decisions unilaterally. … The state governments are not subordinate to the Central Government.

How was power shared in Belgium explain?

The government in Belgium divided the powers equally between Dutch and French speaking populations. It was decided that equal representation should be given to the French- and Dutch-speaking population. Thus, there were equal numbers of ministers belonging to both communities in the Central Government.

What were the positive effects of power sharing arrangement in Belgium?

Answer: Power sharing helped the Belgians to unite themselves even of different communities. It gave them political stability and unity. It also helped them to build a peaceful nation with strong economic developments.

What is power sharing in Belgium Class 10?

Power sharing means the distribution of power among the organs of the government such as the legislature, executive, and judiciary. Power sharing helps in achieving the stability of political order.

What was Belgian model class 10?

Answer : The Belgian leaders adopted a different path. After recognizing the existence of regional differences and cultural diversities, the Constitution amended four times to work out an arrangement for everyone to live together within the same country. This came to be known as the Belgium model.

What is a Belgium model Why is it unique?

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It was Unique because : ⭐(i) **Equal distribution of seats—**According to the new arrangement, Dutch and French speaking ministers have been given equal status in the central government. … The Belgium model introduced a new concept of third kind of government, i.e., the ‘Community Government’.

What do you mean by Belgian model examine the interesting elements of Belgian model?

The elements of belgium model are. 1-constitution prescribes that the number of dutch and french speaking ministers shall be equal in the central government. Thus, no single community can make decisions unilaterally. 2-Many powers of the government have been given to state governments of the two regions of the country.