How much Belgian block do I need?

2 blocks per square foot | Approx. 2.9 blocks per square foot. Weight: Approx. 70 blocks per ton | Approximately 105 blocks per ton.

What is the size of a Belgian block?

Size: 4″ x 4″ x 4″ approx.

How many Belgian blocks are in a pallet?

Belgium blocks are sized: Mini (4″x4″x4″,500 pieces per pallet) Regulation (4″x5″x9″, 150 pieces per pallet) Jumbo (5″x9″x11″, 105 pieces per pallet).

What is the price of Belgian block?

Shown: 11x7x4 Belgian block stones, around $4 per block at stone yards.

What is the difference between Cobblestone and Belgium Block?

Belgian Blocks are rectangular or square whereas cobblestones are round. Cobblestones are typically pulled from river beds where the years have worn away the rough edges and created the soft edged cobblestones. In contrast Belgian Block were quarried and carry the shape and tool markings that come with that process.

Is Belgium Block or Belgian block?

Belgian Block or Belgium Block, is a general term used to describe very large, usually rectangular shaped (9” up to 12″ long) quarried stones, which have little affiliation with Belgium itself.

What color is Belgian block?

Belgian Block color is primarily a color from Green color family. It is a mixture of green and cyan color.

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What is Belgium block made of?

Belgian Blocks are solid granite, cubical-shaped cobblestones used in a variety of applications including paving and edging. These natural and durable blocks are sold in a variety of color and sizes and available by the full pallet or by the piece.

How do you clean Belgian blocks?

If there are not too many blocks, the safest way to clean them — without risking chemical discoloration or breaking from excess pressure — is to gently chisel away hardened tar and scrub the stone with a wire brush and a bit of water.

How do you cut Belgian blocks?

Use a gas-powered masonry saw to cut about one-half to three-quarters of the way through the block. Break it. Use a stone hammer or engineer’s hammer to break the block on the cutline. Rough it up.

What are stone setts?

Setts are small blocks of dressed stone, usually having six identifiable sides. They are distinct from cobbles, which do not have definite sides.