How do salaries work in Belgium?

The minimum wage in 2019 is €1,593.80 a month, or €19,126 a year (taking into account 12 pay periods). This marks a 2% rise (around €31 a month) on 2018’s level. The minimum wage in Belgium operates on a monthly basis rather than an hourly one.

How is salary paid in Belgium?

In Belgium, the payroll frequency is monthly for work between the first and last day of the month and is typically paid on the last day of the month. A 13th salary may apply depending on the Joint Labour Committee. For those employers who do pay a 13th-month bonus, it is typically paid at the end of the year.

What is considered a good salary in Belgium?

A general salary in belgium per year is 25k / 30k in this range… there are earning lesser or more of course.. but if your income is 25k euroa year then your quiet in stable position if your focus in your own life with your bills, life cost and such and not just giving your money away to support other family members.

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Why are salaries in Belgium so low?

Belgian workers receive a lower net salary than some others in Europe because of a high marginal taxation rate – 53.3% – which is applied to salaries as low as €38,830 (US$45,810), Deloitte says. But the recent income tax change was designed to enable low earners to keep a larger proportion of their gross salary.

What is the average monthly salary in Belgium?

This was significantly higher than the average salary in neighboring country the Netherlands, where the average monthly salary reached 2,474 euros in 2018.

Average monthly income in Belgium from 2007 to 2018 (in euros)

Characteristic Average monthly income in euros
2018 3,627
2017 3,558
2016 3,489
2015 3,445

What is 13th month pay Belgium?

What is 13th Month Pay? According to the Belgian labor code, the 13th Month pay is a mandatory monetary benefit most employees are eligible for. It equals one-twelfth of the basic salary of an employee within a calendar year. On the contrary to popular belief, it is not free. money.

What is 13th month salary in Belgium?

In Belgium, there’s a 13th month salary bonus that’s usually payable at the end of the year and is equivalent to one month’s salary. Employees are also entitled to a vacation bonus (Pécule de vacances) which is approximately 90% of a month’s salary, typically paid in the summer.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Belgium?

Living costs in Belgium. Living costs in Belgium usually vary between 700 – 950 EUR/month. In big cities, you might need a larger budget, but this largely depends on accommodation type and your spending habits.

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What is Belgium’s basic salary?

In 2021, the national minimum wage in Belgium remained fixed at €1,625.7 per month, that is 19,508 euros per year, taking into account 12 payments per year. Accordingly the national minimum wage has remained stable, while the CPI of 2020 which was 0.4%, so workers have lost purchasing power in the last year.

How much money do you need to live in Belgium?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,206$ (2,852€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 899$ (800€) without rent. Cost of living in Belgium is, on average, 2.26% higher than in United States. Rent in Belgium is, on average, 39.42% lower than in United States.

How much does it cost to employ someone in Belgium?

Since 2011, Belgium has consistently ranked first with the highest labor costs in the European Union with an employer cost of €2,52 per euro in an employee’s pocket (€2,34 if the VAT is excluded).

Is Belgium a good country to live?

Belgium is a very family-friendly country to live in. It has good educational, healthcare, and cultural facilities in all the main cities. Belgium is generally quite a safe place to live. Brussels has many municipalities popular with young families and the city has some of the best international schools.

How much do houses cost in Belgium?

In 2021, a house in Belgium would cost approximately 281,700 euros.

Average price of a house in Belgium from 2013 to 2021 (in euros)

Characteristic Average price in euros
2019 262,196
2018 251,584
2017 240,451
2016 234,541
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What is the salary increase in Belgium?

In the absence of an agreement between employer and employee representative organisations, the wage increase margin was set at 0.4% by Royal Decree of 30 July 2021. As a result, in the period 2021-2022, the average salary cost for each employer may be increased by a maximum of 0.4%.

Is Belgium an expensive country?

Belgium is among the top 15 most expensive countries in the world, according to the Cost of Living Index 2015. … The index shows that Switzerland is the most expensive country in which to live, followed by Norway and Venezuela. Iceland and Denmark complete the top five, and Belgium ranks 15th in the list.

How much tax do you pay in Belgium?

For residents of Belgium, communal taxes are levied at rates varying from 0% to 9% of the income tax due. The average rate being 7%. For non-residents, a flat surcharge of 7% is due. In some cases, communal taxes may also be levied on exempted foreign-source income.