How do I get a residence permit in Belgium?

You must apply for a visa at the Belgian Embassy or the consulate in the country where you live. If there is no Belgian embassy or consulate in the country where you live, you must apply to the Belgian Embassy which had been appointed for your country. This is usually in a neighbouring country.

How can I get residency in Belgium?

You will need a long-stay visa to travel to Belgium and apply for residency.

The Step-by-Step Process to Obtain Belgian Residence

  1. Obtain temporary residence.
  2. Acquire an address.
  3. Form a Belgian company.
  4. Open a corporate bank account.
  5. Apply for a professional card.
  6. Get a residence permit.
  7. Register as a tax non-resident.

Can I move to Belgium without a job?

If you are an EU citizen then you can work in Belgium without a visa or work permit. Citizens of Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland do not need work permits but they will need to register if they stay for more than 90 days.

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How can I get permanent visa in Belgium?

A person may apply for Belgian citizenship or long-term residence in Belgium if he / she has lived in Belgium for five continuous years. After this period of time of living in Belgium, EU/EEA/Swiss nationals acquire permanent residence automatically, whereas the non-EU/EEA citizens should apply for it.

How long does it take to get a residence permit in Belgium?

Decisions usually take around three to six months. If the asylum case is rejected, an appeal can be lodged within 30 days. Asylum seekers will be interviewed about their application as part of the process. If they are granted refugee status, they will be given residency in Belgium for an unlimited period of time.

Can I immigrate to Belgium?

There is one application form for short-term visas (up to 90 days) and one for long-term visas. In addition to your valid passport, several supporting documents are required, depending on the purpose of your stay. Non-EU foreigners moving to Belgium need a long-term visa.

How much money do I need to move to Belgium?

Summary: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,216$ (2,852€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 902$ (800€) without rent.

What is F card in Belgium?

What is F and F+ Card? The F Card (Appendix 9) is issued to family members of third-country nationals in Belgium based on the right to family reunification with a Belgian or EU citizen after the approval of their residence application. The F Card is valid for five years.

What is the most common job in Belgium?

Next come public administration, education and business services, making up 19%. Therefore, the most common occupations in Belgium are office workers in both the public and private sectors (general duties); shop assistants; home help; maintenance staff in offices, hotels and other businesses; and teachers.

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What is a residence permit in Belgium?

Upon arrival in Belgium, you will have to apply for a residence permit or declaration of presence at the local government office in your place of residence. The residence card entitles you to reside/live in Belgium for a fixed period of time. You can leave and return to Belgium until the expiry date.

Who is resident in Belgium?

Residents of Belgium are those who have established their domicile or, if they do not have a domicile in Belgium, their centre of economic interests in Belgium. Persons deemed to be residents of Belgium are those who have registered in the population register of a commune in Belgium.

How long can I stay in Belgium without a visa?

US citizens in possession of a valid US passport (on the planned date of departure from Belgium, your passport should have at least another three months validity) do not need a visa for airport transit, tourist or business trips for stays up to 90 days within a six-month period.

Is it easy to get work permit in Belgium?

Work permit A: With this work permit, you can work in any job for any employer for an unlimited period. However, it is not easy to get this permit. It is available only for a certain category of foreign workers, who have already worked in Belgium for several years with a Work Permit B.

What documents do you need to apply for Belgian nationality?

The documents required to prove the various conditions: Birth certificate, translated or not according to your country of origin and the commune you intend to reside in; Proof of residence for five years uninterrupted; A photocopy of the identity card or passport from your homeland.

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Can a foreigner work in Belgium?

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals

In principle a Belgian work permit is required for any non-EU/EEA/Swiss national coming to work in Belgium. There are exceptions, however, depending on the nature of activities or residence status of the foreigner.