How do I get a provisional driving Licence in Belgium?

The Belgian driving licence can be obtained after finishing a driving school and passing a two-stage test, the theory test and road test. Beside Dutch, French and German, you can also apply for the driving licence in English.

When can you get a provisional driving license in Belgium?

You must: be at least 17 years old to take the theory test. learn to drive for at least 3 months with your provisional driving licence. be at least 18 years old to obtain a provisional driving licence without supervision.

What is provisional driving licence in Belgium?

With a driving licence, you can, after passing the practical driving test, drive a motorized vehicle on public roads. Coronavirus measures: a face mask is required. After passing your theory test, you can obtain a provisional licence that allows you to learn to drive (with or without a supervisor).

How do I get a driver’s license in Belgium?

To get a Belgian driving license, certain nationalities must pass both a theoretical exam and a driving test at an official test center. Driving lessons are available from a wide variety of driving schools. You can find all the local test centers in Belgium where you can take the test in French and Dutch.

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How can a foreigner apply for a provisional licence?

Go online to the government website to apply for your provisional (learning) license. There is no special place for foreigners to get a UK provisional driving license, you simply apply like you would do if you were 16 years old and just learning to drive!

How much are driving lessons in Belgium?

No need to pay for the practical classes at your driving school (cost: 105 euros per 1.45min class). If you don’t have anyone like that though, you need to book driving classes with an instructor. The bare minimum is 10 driving lessons after which they will tell you if you’re ready to drive on your own, or not.

How much does it cost to get a driving license in Belgium?

Each municipality has its own price for issuing a driving licence. The average price is 25 euro. If you want a driving licence, you have to pass a theoretical and a practical exam. During the test, you will be tested to see if you can drive, and if you have the necessary knowledge and driving skills.

How can I pass my driving test in Belgium?

To pass the exam, candidates must answer 41 out of 50 questions correctly and must have replied correctly to all the questions regarding serious driving offences. The theory test is valid for three years.

When can I use my provisional driving Licence?

This is issued to an applicant who wants to undergo training in driving. It is endorsed in respect of any class or classes of motor vehicle which if he held a driving license he would be entitled to drive, in order that the applicant may learn to drive such class or classes of vehicle.

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Does Belgium require an international driver’s license?

Driver’s License in Belgium

All licenses issued in the European Union are accepted. … And you must carry your current overseas driver’s license, IDP or translation with you all the time when driving in Belgium. Tips. Some Belgian car rental companies require you to have a photo ID license.

How long does it take to get a driver’s license in Belgium?

18 months: If you practice with minimum of 20 hrs of lessons in a recognised driving school you can apply for a temporary licence valid for 18 months at the city hall, then you can drive without an instructor. 36 months: If you practice with a private instructor you can apply for a licence valid 36 months.

What documents do I need to drive in Belgium?

It is compulsory to carry the following documents in the car at all times:

  • Driving licence.
  • Insurance certificate.
  • Vehicle registration documents.
  • Passport/proof of identity.
  • Proof of payment of road tax and car radio tax where applicable.

How can I pass my theory test?

10 tips on how to pass your theory test

  1. Book your theory test. …
  2. Hit the books. …
  3. Brush up on your hazard spotting. …
  4. Put in the hours. …
  5. Take a mock test. …
  6. Leave plenty of time. …
  7. Don’t forget your provisional licence photocard. …
  8. Use the practice time.

How long does a provisional licence last?

Your provisional driving licence will last for 10 years. But keep in mind you only have two years from the date you pass your driving theory test to take your practical driving test. If you don’t take your practical test within that time you must retake the theory test first.

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How do I get my learner permit?

How do I get a learner’s permit?

  1. Pass a written knowledge test. …
  2. Pass a vision test to show that you can see well enough to drive.
  3. Provide documents that verify your identity, age, and home address (residency) in your state.
  4. Complete a driver’s education (driver’s ed) course.

Can I get a provisional without a UK passport?

Yes, you can apply for a provisional licence without a UK passport as long as you are a resident of the UK. If you don’t have a UK passport, you’ll need to send an original identity document along with your provisional driving licence application. You should send one of the following: A valid foreign passport.