Frequent question: What does Belgium import from other countries?

Belgium imports raw materials, machinery, and equipment, chemicals, raw diamonds, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, transportation equipment, oil products. Its main imports partners are again the Netherlands, Germany and France, US, UK, and Ireland.

What does Belgium mostly import?

Belgium imports mainly machinery and equipment, chemicals, diamonds, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, transportation equipment and oil products. It major import partners are: European Union members (Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, Ireland) , United States and China.

What goods does Belgium import and export?

Among Belgium’s main imports are raw materials (including petroleum), motor vehicles, chemicals, textiles, and food products. Major exports include motor vehicles, chemicals and pharmaceutical products, machinery, plastics, diamonds, food and livestock, textile products, and iron and steel.

What products do we import from other countries?

What are the U.S. Imports and Exports?

  • Machinery (including computers and hardware) – $213.1 billion.
  • Minerals, fuels, and oil – $189.9 billion.
  • Electrical machinery and equipment – $176.1 billion.
  • Aircraft and spacecraft – $139.1 billion.
  • Vehicles and automobiles – $130.6 billion.
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Does Belgium import or export more?

Belgium is ranked as the 11th largest export economy in the world and enjoys a positive trade balance of $23.9 billion after deducting $371 billion worth of annual imports from its export total of $394 billion. The GDP of Belgium is calculated as $466 billion and that equates to a GDP per capita of $46,400.

What products are made in Belgium?

13 products that are made in Belgium

  • 3M: Specialty chemicals and industrial abrasives. …
  • Axalta: Industrial liquid coatings. …
  • Baxter: Parenteral bags and solutions. …
  • Cargill: Chocolate and other food ingredients. …
  • Coca-Cola: Non-alcoholic beverages. …
  • ExxonMobil: Petrochemicals, fuels and lubricants.

What countries do Belgium trade with?

Belgium top 5 Export and Import partners

Market Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
France 62,674 14.08
Netherlands 53,670 12.05
United Kingdom 33,862 7.61
United States 27,650 6.21

How is Belgium doing economically?

Belgium has a well-developed free market economy, based on both industrial and service sectors. It is heavily dependent on international trade and most of its economic sectors are geared toward exporting products. The nation’s exports are equivalent to almost two-thirds of its GNP.

What kind of economic system does Belgium have?

Belgium has a mixed economic system which includes a private-enterprise system, combined with centralized economic planning, and government regulation. Belgium is a member of the European Union (EU).

What made Belgium rich?

Because if there were not Congo, Belgium would not be a rich country. Today, Belgium is one of the richest countries in Europe. … The Congolese did not need people to come and rule them, but at the time it was presented as if King Leopold came to Congo to bring civilisation.

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Which country imports the most goods?

In 2020, the U.S. were the leading import country in the world with an import value of about 2.41 trillion US dollars. Import and export are generally important pillars of a country’s economy. The trade balance of a country shows the relationship between the values of a country’s imports and exports.

What are examples of imported goods?

Imports can be finished products, like cars, TV sets, computers, or sneakers, or they can be raw materials, such as zinc, oil, wood, or grains. They can also be services, like financial services, travel services, and insurance. Imports are a vital part of the U.S. and global economy.

What country do we import the most from?

Year-to-Date Imports

Rank Country Percent of Total Imports
Total, All Countries 100.0%
Total, Top 15 Countries 78.6%
1 China 17.5%
2 Mexico 13.7%

What cars are made in Belgium?

Belgium has a long and consolidated history in the automotive business and remains as a major actor in car production. The assembly plants are spread all over the country, with Ford Genk, Van Hull (bus), Opel Antwerp, Ghent Volvo Europe, Audi Forest/Brussels, and Trucco plants.

What crops do they grow in Belgium?

The main crops that can be found in Belgium are wheat, barley, potatoes, sugar beet and maize. The growing season strongly depends of the crop type: as winter crops, wheat and barley can be found between November and July, whereas maize and sugar beet can be observed from March to September as summer crops.

How do I import goods to Belgium?

The import declaration, including security data, has been compulsorily submitted online via the PLDA-program (ICS = Import Control System). The importer can likewise declare the goods by presenting a finished Single Administrative Document (SAD form) to Belgian Customs.

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