Does Marston see Dutch?

Does John See Dutch again?

After chapter six, we don’t actually see Dutch until the very end of epilogue two, although he can be read about in one of the newspaper reports. You can check that out in the “Notorious Bad Man Alive” article.

Does Dutch appear in RDR?

Dutch van der Linde is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a central character and one of the primary antagonists of Red Dead Redemption, as well as a central character in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Does Dutch care about Arthur?

15 Dutch Only Cares About Himself

Arthur Morgan has the chance to do some bad things during the game, but he still cares about his allies. … He distances himself from the action unless he knows he’s well guarded and almost every action in the game can be interpreted as self-preservation first and foremost.

Does Marston kill Dutch?

The only gang member players are given no option for in the first game is Dutch himself. Near the game’s conclusion, when Marston finally corners Dutch on a precarious cliffside in a snow mountain range, the game unravels the interaction entirely through cutscenes. Marston makes no moves to kill Dutch.

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Is there a secret ending in RDR2?

No matter what you do, Arthur Morgan dies. There’s currently no secret ending where he somewhat survives, fading into the mists of time under a new name. As noted in the endings above, he either dies from his tuberculosis, a bullet to the head, or a knife in the back.

How old was Micah Bell when he died?

Bill Williamson was 45 when John tracked him down to Nuevo Paraiso, and Micah Bell was 47 when he’s killed by John and Dutch at Beecher’s Hope. Bill’s age is confirmed in the official Game of the Year strategy guide for Red Dead Redemption, while Micah’s age can be learned from an in-game newspaper in RDR2.

Who killed Dutch Van Der Linde?

Dutch himself is confronted by his former protégé, John, who chases him until Dutch is cornered near a cliff. After saying his piece, Dutch commits suicide, throwing himself from the cliff.

Is Sadie mentioned in RDR1?

The original RDR never mentions Red Dead Redemption 2’s Sadie Adler and Charles Smith, but in-game clues could suggest their fate. … It’s clear that Morgan was an important character to John, Abigail, and Jack Marston, so it’s a bit of a glaring oversight that he’s never mentioned in the first game.

Can you find the Blackwater money?

John and Sadie will open a chest, claiming a fortune in gold and money. After the mission is over, you’ll be awarded an astonishing $20,000 as your cut. While there’s nothing stopping you from checking out Blackwater during the rest of the game, it’s basically impossible to explore the town in your current state.

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Are Hosea and Dutch together?

Dutch and Hosea had been close friends for more than two decades. The duo went on to form the Van der Linde gang together. … Hosea’s death shook Dutch, who never really recovered from it, and it was possibly one of the causes of Dutch’s descent into insanity.

What is wrong with Dutch rdr2?

During that heist in the bayou city, Dutch sustains a head injury. It’s brushed over, but many believe this brain injury flipped some switches in his head which led to the downfall of the Van Der Linde gang at the hands of Micah Bell.

Why did Javier choose Dutch?

He was an outlaw because of the sacrifices he made for his ideals. It was Javier’s principles — his belief in Dutch and freedom — that led him to side with Dutch and Micah.

How old is John Marston in RDR1?

RDR takes place over one year, in 1911. That means John was 38 years old when he died in the original Red Dead Redemption. Since RDR2 begins in 1899, John would have been 26 years old during the game’s opening scenes.

Why does Dutch hate John?

Dutch is egotistical and is willing to put the gang in danger to reach his goals. … Dutch’s ego and insatiable paranoia lead him to believe John isn’t loyal to his gang, so he begins treating John as an outcast as RDR2’s story progresses.

How old was Dutch in RDR2?

Dutch, the leader of the gang with his last name attached, happens to be 44-years-old. He was born in 1855, and if it wasn’t for his run-in and friendship with Hosea Matthews, he would have been the elder statesman of the gang.

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