Can Wales fans travel to Amsterdam?

The short, sad answer is no. The Dutch government has already said the UK is not on its list of safe countries, meaning its citizens are not allowed to travel to the Netherlands. Dutch police in Amsterdam have said they will not be letting Wales fans into the country.

Are Welsh fans allowed in Netherlands?

“In the case of the Netherlands, the Dutch police authorities have said they will not be letting Wales fans into the country. “For all countries outside the EU Schengen travel area a travel ban is in place, unless a country is on the EU safe list. … Visiting to watch a football match is classed as non-essential travel.

Can Welsh travel to Netherlands?

Unless you can prove that you have been fully vaccinated, UK residents and citizens arriving from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not able to enter the Netherlands for non-essential purposes.

Why cant Welsh fans travel to Amsterdam?

On Wednesday a spokesman for the Dutch government’s Ministry for Health confirmed that while Denmark fans are allowed to attend the game in Amsterdam on Saturday, Wales fans cannot attend – because Wales isn’t in the European Union (EU). In the Netherlands there is an entry ban in effect for people outside of the EU.

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Can I travel to Amsterdam for the Euros?

You can travel to attend the UEFA Euro 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands without any type of travel document. All you need is a national ID card and you are set. That is because the EU and EEA citizens enjoy freedom of movement.

Are Danish fans allowed to travel to Amsterdam?

Denmark fans have been told they can travel to Amsterdam to watch Saturday’s Euro 2020 round of 16 tie which Wales supporters are banned from. … The Danish authorities said fans could travel if they present a negative PCR test that is a maximum of 72 hours old.

Can Danish fans travel to Amsterdam?

Euro 2020: Denmark fans told they can travel to Amsterdam but Wales fans banned from attending last-16 tie. … But Erik Brogger, director of Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Citizen Service, said that Danish fans could avoid quarantine in Holland if they entered and left the country within 12 hours.

Can I travel out of Wales?

International travel from Wales

Restrictions may be in place, including proof of vaccination, tests, quarantine and reasons for entry. … An NHS COVID pass is available for people in Wales who have had two doses of vaccination and are travelling to a country that requires COVID vaccination proof.

Are Wales through to the last 16?

Wales were forced to play the final half an hour with ten men after Ethan Ampadu was sent off for a tackle on Federico Bernardeschi. … Wales made it through in second place on goal difference despite other results in the group where Switzerland beat Turkey 3-1.

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How do I get 2021 Euro tickets?

When will Euro 2021 tickets go on sale? Tickets go on sale in two windows via the UEFA portal: Fans of the qualified teams will be able to apply for tickets from December 4th 2019 and until December 18th 2019.

Is Amsterdam close to Denmark?

Distance from Denmark to Amsterdam is 527 kilometers.

This air travel distance is equal to 327 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Denmark and Amsterdam is 527 km= 327 miles.