Can I get Hulu in the Netherlands?

Hulu is only available to a US based audience. . Anyone trying to access the network from outside of the US will get blocked as soon as they click the play icon. Content blocks are normal in the online streaming industry.

Can I get Hulu in Europe?

Hulu is blocked in all European Countries

Unfortunately, if you are in Europe and try to access Hulu, you will receive a message informing you that the service is not available in your region. Due to limitations of the streaming service, only those users who are currently in the US can access Hulu and its content.

What country is Hulu allowed in?

Currently, Hulu only streams in the United States, Puerto Rico, and military bases, and in some locations in Japan. The service isn’t yet available anywhere outside these locations, but streaming Hulu from anywhere isn’t hard with the right VPN.

Can I watch Hulu in another country?

With a reliable VPN, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t watch Hulu from anywhere in the world. You just need to follow the steps below to unblock geo-restrictions and tune into Hulu from your country. Download and install a reliable VPN with US servers. We recommend NordVPN.

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How can I watch Hulu internationally?

Hulu is blocked for anyone outside of the USA. To unblock Hulu from outside the US, you’ll need to use a VPN app. The number 1 VPN to unblock Hulu is ExpressVPN, they are the world’s leading VPN provider that not only has some of the fastest connections (perfect for streaming from Hulu), but they’re super reliable.

How does Hulu know I’m using a VPN?

It’s an everlasting cat-and-mouse game. In other words, Netflix, Hulu, or whatever other service you want to connect to has no way to actually detect whether you’re connected through a VPN or not. Instead, it’s just blocking IP addresses it knows are shared among many people.

Can I use Hulu with a VPN?

You can use a VPN to watch Hulu even if you reside in the US and don’t need to unblock the streaming service. Here are a few extra reasons to get a VPN for Hulu: Avoid throttling.

Does Netflix work in Europe?

But a new EU regulation means you can now access Netflix, Amazon Prime and other services from any country in Europe, marking an end to boring evenings in hotels watching BBC World News. …

How do I change my Hulu location?


  1. Log in to Hulu on your living room device.
  2. Visit your account page on a desktop, laptop, or mobile browser.
  3. Click on the Privacy and Settings section.
  4. Click “Set or Change Home.”
  5. Enter in your new home network.

Is VPN legal?

Using a VPN service isn’t illegal in the UK if it is used within legal guidelines. … But VPNs can be used to get around ‘geo-restrictions’ which prevent the watching of video content outside of certain countries. Using a VPN to get around such geo-restrictions is illegal and so it is important never to do so.

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Why is Hulu not working with my VPN?

If your VPN isn’t working to access hulu, here is what we recommend: Check with your VPN provider to ensure you are using the right US server. Restart your browser. Clear your cookies and browser cache.

What free VPN works with Hulu?

The best free trial VPNs for hulu

  1. ExpressVPN. …
  2. NordVPN. …
  3. Surfshark. …
  4. ProtonVPN. Available on. …
  5. PrivateVPN. …
  6. VyprVPN. …
  7. CyberGhost VPN. …
  8. IPVanish.

How does Hulu know my location?

Hulu will use your IP address to determine the location. … You must “check in” mobile devices every 30 days by connecting them to a network in your home location. Hulu will block streaming on your mobile device if you fail to check it in. You can change your home location up to four times within any 12-month period.