Best answer: What is Christmas called in Amsterdam?

December 25, known as Eerste Kerstdag, is still a holiday in the Netherlands. But since most gift-giving is done on Sinterklaas Avond, this day is a time for quiet church services and traditional family meals.

What is the Dutch Christmas called?

Many people in The Netherlands also have a Christmas Tree in their houses. In Dutch Happy/Merry Christmas can be said as ‘Prettige Kerst’ (Happy Christmas), ‘Zalig Kerstfeest’ or ‘Zalig Kerstmis’ (both mean Merry Christmas) or ‘Vrolijk Kerstfeest’ (Cheerful Christmas).

Do they celebrate Christmas in Amsterdam?

Whether or not you celebrate this day in its traditional religious sense, Christmas in Amsterdam is truly a festive season.

What is Santa called in Amsterdam?

Although he looks a bit like Father Christmas or Santa Claus, ‘Sinterklaas’ (Saint Nicholas) is a very Dutch character loved by children and adults alike. His annual arrival and parade in Amsterdam and the traditional festivities that follow are a real treat!

Why the Dutch have two Christmas days?

Many people in the Netherlands observe the second day of Christmas, which falls on December 26. It is a continuation of the Christmas holiday or a chance to spend time outdoors or with family or friends. It is also Saint Stephen’s Day.

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What is the Netherlands Christmas traditions?

During Dutch Christmas people spend two days with their family, playing games, watching movies and eating some traditional Christmas food. As a matter of fact, to some international students this might seem strange.

What is Sinterklaas Holland?

In the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas’ Eve, 5 December, became the chief occasion for gift-giving during the winter holiday season. The evening is called Sinterklaasavond (“Sinterklaas evening”) or Pakjesavond (“gifts evening”, or literally “packages evening”).

How is Amsterdam in December?

Amsterdam in December is rather cold but rarely experiences freezing temperatures. December is also the city’s rainiest month, getting an average of a little over 3 inches over the course of 15 days, meaning you’ll need to bundle up extra against the cold rain water no matter what time of the month you visit.

Is Amsterdam on the greenlist?

For passengers travelling to the Netherlands from outside the EU/EEA, entry is restricted to EU/EEA citizens and to a limited number of exceptions, including those transiting onwards. For more information see here.

Where are Amsterdam Christmas markets?

De staf van Sinterklaas is “The staff of Santa” in dutch.

What is the difference between Sinterklaas and Christmas?

Santa places his around the Christmas tree and fills the stockings hanging above the fireplace. Sinterklaas exclusively places the gifts in front of the fireplace, and, instead of stockings, he fills shoes (which the children placed before the fireplace the night before) with candy.

What is Sinterklaas?

Putting out shoes

During the two weeks before his ‘birthday’ on 5 December, Sinterklaas rides across rooftops at night on his white horse. He listens through chimneys for children singing songs, and leaves the children gifts and sweets in their shoes.

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What are typical Christmas decorations in the Netherlands?

This means that Christmas in the Netherlands is really about the ambiance. People buy Christmas trees, and decorate them with kerstkransjes (Christmas wreath cookies), glass balls, gilded nuts, ribbons, glittery pine cones, frosted bells, and red and white candles.

Is Santa Claus Dutch?

The name Santa Claus evolved from Nick’s Dutch nickname, Sinter Klaas, a shortened form of Sint Nikolaas (Dutch for Saint Nicholas).

What do the Dutch eat at Christmas?

Dutch Christmas dinners usually consist of venison, goose, hare, or turkey with plenty of vegetables and Kerstbrood (Christmas bread). The Dutch also celebrate by eating gourmetten, a hot plate on which diners place a set of mini pans containing their choice of meat or vegetables.