Best answer: What international airports are in Belgium?

How many international airports are in Belgium?

Belgium has five airports in use for international passenger flights. One is located near Antwerp, one near Liege, one near Ostend and two near the capital Brussels (Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport).

What is the main international airport in Belgium?

Brussels Airport (IATA: BRU, ICAO: EBBR) (also called Brussel-Nationaal / Bruxelles-National (Brussels-National) or Luchthaven Zaventem) is an international airport 6.5 NM (12.0 km; 7.5 mi) northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

What are the major airports in Belgium?


Rank Airport Total Passengers
1 Brussels-Zaventem 24,783,911
2 Brussels-Charleroi 7,698,767
3 Ostend 365,345
4 Antwerp 273,130

How many airports are there in Belgium?

Belgium has five airports offering passenger services: Brussels – Zaventem. Ostend. Charleroi.

Are there two airports in Brussels?

Brussels Airport (IATA: BRU, ICAO: EBBR), also called Brussel Nationaal/Bruxelles-National (Brussels National) or Brussels-Zaventem, is one of the two international airports serving Brussels, in Belgium along with Brussels-Charleroi Airport.

Where are the airports in Belgium?

List of airports in Belgium

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City / location Province Name
Bruges / Ostend West Flanders Ostend–Bruges International Airport
Brussels / Zaventem Flemish Brabant Brussels Airport
Brussels / Zaventem Flemish Brabant Melsbroek Air Base
Brustem / Sint-Truiden Limburg Sint-Truiden / Brustem Airfield

Which Airport is BRU?

Book a flight Ryanair at the airport Brussels National Zaventem (BRU)

Is the Brussels airport Nice?

Brussels Airport is Certified with the 3-Star Airport Rating for facilities, terminal comfort and cleanliness, shopping, food & beverages and staff service. The airport has good transport links and connects directly into Brussels Midi Station. …

How many international airports are in France?

France, as a well-known tourist country, has developed a wide range of international airports. It counts 34 of them, with the airports in Paris (Orly and Charles de Gaulle as those with the biggest traffic).

Does Brussels have an airport?

Brussels Zaventem Airport. The main airport in Brussels. Located in the area of Zaventem, about 20 minutes by train from the city centre (Brussels Central Station). Most travellers coming from long-haul international flights from outside of Europe will land at this Brussels airport.

What is the capital of Belgium?

Brussels, Flemish Brussel, French Bruxelles, city, capital of Belgium. It is located in the valley of the Senne (Flemish: Zenne) River, a small tributary of the Schelde (French: Escaut). Greater Brussels is the country’s largest urban agglomeration.

Which airports fly to Antwerp from UK?

There are two direct services from the UK. CityJet flies from London City several times a day and Flybe operates from London Southend. If you wish to reach the airport from the rest of the UK, the best solution is to fly into Brussels and take public transport north to Antwerp.

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Does Antwerp have an airport?

Antwerp International Airport (IATA: ANR, ICAO: EBAW) is a small international airport serving the City of Antwerp in the Province of Antwerp in the Flemish Region of Belgium.

Which airlines fly to Belgium from UK?

Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, American Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Japan Airlines, ANA (All Nippon Airways) and Malaysia Airlines all fly direct to Belgium.