Best answer: Does Amsterdam Netherlands have a zip code?

A postal code in the Netherlands consists of four figures followed by a space and then two capital letters. It mostly represents ten or twenty addresses. … In the Centrum district of Amsterdam there are 2800 postal codes, from 1011 AA to 1019 XH. In addition to that there are postal codes for PO boxes and freepost.

Do Netherlands have zip codes?

The zip code has been introduced in the Netherlands in 1978. The ZIP code consists of four numbers and two letters. The first two digits define the region and the last two numbers, the city, the village or the neighborhood. The remaining two letters define the neighborhood and the street.

How do zip codes work in Netherlands?

The postal codes in the Netherlands have a 6-digit structure and consist of 4 numbers and 2 letters, where the first two digits correspond about the region and the second two digits represent a neighbourhood of a city or a village. The 2 letters indicate the street or a part of a street.

How many zip codes are there in the Netherlands?

Netherlands – postal codes

Place Code
5 Rotterdam 3068
6 Rotterdam 3073
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What is Nederland zip code?

Недерленд/Почтовые индексы
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