Your question: Who made Jools Holland famous?

Holland was a founding member of the British pop band Squeeze, formed in March 1974, in which he played keyboards until 1981, through its first two albums, the eponymous Squeeze and Cool for Cats, before pursuing his solo career. Holland began issuing solo records in 1978, his first EP being Boogie Woogie ’78.

Was George Michael ever on Jools Holland?

Jools Holland’s Hootenanny? George Michael this week chose to spend it near Moscow performing at a Russian billionaire’s house. … Alongside Michael were a 20-strong entourage, including his band and backing singers. “It was a fun night and George was back home in Britain by morning,” a spokeswoman for the singer said.

How rich is Jules Holland?

Jools Holland net worth

According to Celebs Trending Now, Jools has an estimated net worth of $5million (£3.7million).

Who is Jools Holland’s wife?

Кристабель Макьюэн
в браке с 2005
Джулс Холланд/Жена
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