Your question: Is there a direct train from Paris to Amsterdam?

Is there a high-speed train from Paris to Amsterdam?

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Paris to Amsterdam is by taking the Thalys high-speed train. This fast, modern and luxurious train will get you to your destination in just under 3 hours and 20 minutes. For actual travel times, check out our timetable.

Is there a direct train from Amsterdam to Paris?

Yes, there is a direct train from Amsterdam to Paris. We usually find around 28 direct trains on the route from Amsterdam to Paris every weekday.

How much does a train cost from Paris to Amsterdam?

Paris to Amsterdam by train

Journey time From 3h 19m
Price From €25
Distance 268 miles (431 km)
Frequency 15 trains per day
First train 06:13

Does Eurostar go from Paris to Amsterdam?

Eurostar is a high-speed train connecting Great Britain to Continental Europe. The Eurostar travels via the Channel Tunnel, and brings you from London to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam in just a few hours. The Eurostar also travels direct to Lille, and Disneyland Paris (Marne-la-Vallée).

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How long is the Thalys train from Paris to Amsterdam?

The average journey time by train between Paris and Amsterdam-Centraal is 4 hours and 48 minutes, with around 15 trains per day.

How far is Amsterdam from Paris via train?

Amsterdam to Paris by train

Journey time From 3h 20m
Distance 268 miles (431 km)
Frequency 11 trains per day
First train 06:15
Last train 21:25

How much does Thalys cost?

Reservation fees

Train type 1st class (Premium/ Comfort class) 2nd class (Standard class)
Thalys Paris – Belgium* 25 euros 25 euros
Thalys Paris – Germany 30 euros 30 euros
Thalys Paris – the Netherlands 30 euros 30 euros
Thalys Lille – the Netherlands 20 euros 20 euros

Where should I stop between Amsterdam and Paris?

The top cities between Amsterdam and Paris are Brussels, Bruges, Marne-la-Vallee, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Ghent, Lille, Ieper (Ypres), Utrecht, and Arras. Brussels is the most popular city on the route — it’s 2 hours from Amsterdam and 3 hours from Paris.

How much is the high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris?

The Amsterdam to Paris train cost depends on many things, including the chosen coach class, the traveler’s age, and how close the date of purchase is to the departure date. Generally, prices start from around 85 USD per ticket.

Is Amsterdam worth visiting?

Dubbed as the Venice of the North, Amsterdam transports you back to the 17th century Dutch Golden Age. It is a city worth visiting. Anyone who has been traveling will find this city very special. The incredible canals like the concentric belts surrounding the city are exceptional urban planning.

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How do I get from Paris to Netherlands?

The best way to get from Paris to Netherlands is to train which takes 3h 19m and costs €110 – €230. Alternatively, you can bus via Lille, which costs and takes 7h 20m, you could also fly, which costs €70 – €210 and takes 4h 15m.

How many days do you need in Amsterdam?

How long is the average trip to Amsterdam? Typically, 3 to 4 days is quite enough to enjoy the beauty of the “city of canals.” You’ll even get some extra time to take a half-day tour, to see the beautiful tulips at the Keukenhof Gardens.

Do you need a passport to go Amsterdam on train?

If you’re taking the Eurostar, you’ll need a passport or national identity card. For journeys from within the Schengen Area into Amsterdam, there won’t be passport checks as such – and you won’t need your passport to purchase tickets – but you’d be mad not to carry some form of valid ID with you!

Is Eurostar underwater?

Eurostar is the service that allows you to catch a train from London to Paris and beyond. There’s a sea in the way, of course, but Eurostar dives under it, using the 31-mile Channel Tunnel. Work on the tunnel began in 1988, and it was finally opened for business in 1994, costing £4.6 billion.

How fast does the Chunnel train go?

Trains reach a top speed of 186 miles per hour and offer three classes of service. The journey time between London and Paris is a mere two hours and 16 minutes.

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