You asked: Which 3 basic elements of Belgium model of power sharing make it innovative explain?

Which three basic element of Belgium model of power sharing make it innovative explain?

Answer Expert Verified. 1-The state governments are not subordinate to the central which means they are not answerable to them. 2-Many powers of the central are given to the states. 3-The Dutch and the French enjoy a majority over each other in the whoe nation and the capital respectively .

What are the three major elements of power sharing in Belgium?


  • The no of french and dutch speaking ministers hall be equal in the central government.
  • Many powers of the central government have been given to the to regions of the country.
  • Brussels have separate government in which both the community have been equal representation.

What are the main elements of the Belgian model?

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The main elements of the Belgium model of power-sharing includes: (i) Constitution prescribes that the number of Dutch and French-speaking ministers shall be equal in the Central Government. (ii) Many powers of the Central Government have been given to State Governments of the two regions of the country.

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What do you mean by Belgium model examine the main elements of the Belgian model of power sharing?

Elements of Belgium model:

(i) Equal distribution of seats— Dutch and French-speaking ministers have been given equal status in the central government. No single majority can make the decision unilaterally.

What are the elements of Belgian model of accommodation?


  • The model of accomodation of Belgium is complex but still people are living peacefully.
  • There are equal number of French and Dutch speaking Ministers in the Central Govt.
  • The state and the central govt, both exercise equal powers and the state govt are not subordinate to the central govt.

What are the Belgium model?

Belgium model is the constitution made by the leaders of Belgium after recognizing the regional differences and cultural diversities. There are 3 types of government. The central government, which consists of the equal numbers of French and Dutch ministers.

What are the main features of Belgium model of accommodation in power sharing?


  • In center both communities has equal representation.
  • Central government has its same power to State government State government do not subordinate to central government.
  • In capital city Brussels the both community have equal representation.
  • third community government is formed.