Who played Simone in Dutch?

Sallie Harmsen (born May 2, 1989) is a Dutch actress known for her role as Simone in In Real Life.

Who plays Simone in the movie Dutch?

Full Cast

Name As Character
Tamera Kissen Simone
Melissa L Williams Nina
Iyana Halley Sam
James Hyde Anthony Jacobs

Who played in Dutch on BET?

With: Lance Gross, Natasha Marc, James Hyde, Jeremy Meeks, Anthony Jacobs, Gunna, Isabella Ferreira, Miles Stroter, James Quattrochi, Macy Gray, Markice Moore, Tyrin Turner, Melissa Williams, Robert Costanzo, JJ Batteast.

Was gunna in the movie Dutch?

Genasis and Renny and introducing Multi-Platinum Rapper Gunna making his feature film debut.

Who was the kid in the movie Dutch?

The protagonists in this new incarnation are Dutch Dooley (Ed O’Neill) and little Doyle (Ethan Randall).

Who Is Bernard Dutch James?

James Bernard Jr., a.k.a. Dutch, has become the most dangerous criminal in New Jersey. From his early skill as a car thief, Dutch recognized the opportunity to rule the streets and he seized it. With both the protection and respect of the Mafia, Dutch becomes the most terrifying force on the streets.

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Did gunna play in a movie?

Gunna (II)

Gunna is an actor and composer, known for SuperFly (2018), Travis Scott: Yosemite (2018) and Punk …

Is there a Dutch Part 2 movie?

Release date: March 12, 2021.

Why is the DVD Dutch so expensive?

(Thanks to 20th Century Flicks in Bristol for the trawl through their VHS archive.)

Is Dutch language German?

The Dutch language is a West Germanic language that is the national language of the Netherlands and, with French and German, one of the three official languages of Belgium. Dutch is also called Netherlandic or Dutch Nederlands; in Belgium it is called Flemish or Flemish Vlaams.

Is OT Genasis in the movie Dutch?

O.T. Genasis is making his first foray into the movie business. The platinum-selling rapper has landed a role in the upcoming film Dutch directed by Preston Whitmore. “MY FIRST MOVIE -Dutch coming 2020!” O.T.

Where was the movie Dutch filmed?

Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles: Dutch.

How much does Gunna make?

As of 2021, Gunna’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million. Gunna is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Atlanta. Best known for his collaborations with Lil Baby and Young Thug, he is signed to 300 Entertainment and Young Thug’s record label, YSL Records.

What is meant by Dutch?

Dutch means relating to or belonging to the Netherlands, or to its people, language, or culture. … the Dutch prime minister. 2. plural noun. The Dutch are the people of the Netherlands.

What are people from Holland called?

People from Holland are called Dutch by English-speaking people only. This word is the English counterpart of the Dutch words ‘diets’ and ‘duits’. ‘Duits’ means German since the Germans call themselves ‘Deutsche’.

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Which country were the Dutch belong to?

Nederlanders) are a Germanic ethnic group and nation native to the Netherlands.