Where do families live in Amsterdam?

Is Amsterdam a good place to live for families?

Amsterdam can be a fantastic place to raise a family – it’s safe, it’s modern and it’s very laid-back. The city also offers lots of kid-friendly attractions and brilliant international schools, while the fantastic child allowance package offered by the Netherlands can be a huge financial help.

Where is the best area to live in Amsterdam?

11 Best Neighborhoods In Amsterdam (Suggested By Locals)

nr Neighborhood Best suited for
1 Jordaan Young Professionals
2 Oud-West Young Professionals & Families
3 Museumkwartier Families
4 Apollobuurt Families

Where do rich live in Amsterdam?

The most expensive houses in Amsterdam are in Nieuwemarkt, Singelgracht, Prinsengracht, the Red Light District, Vondelpark and Keizergracht. Most of these properties belong to either companies or have been inherited by family members.

What are good areas in Amsterdam?

The Coolest Neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • De Pijp. Architectural Landmark. …
  • De Wallen (Red-Light District) Architectural Landmark. …
  • Nieuwmarkt en Lastage. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Buiksloterham (Amsterdam-Noord) Architectural Landmark. …
  • Westerpark. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Oud-West. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Oud-Zuid. …
  • Oost.
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Where should I not live in Amsterdam?

As always, the poorest neighborhoods in a city are usually the most unsafe. This is also true in Amsterdam. Most crimes are recorded in the West: Bos & Lommer and Nieuw-West. These are areas with a lot of social housing, low-income families, immigrants, poverty, and social problems.

Where do hipsters live in Amsterdam?

Old South includes desirable neighbourhoods in Amsterdam like Duivelseiland and the areas around Museum Square and south of Vondelpark. The apartments are usually spacious and well-built. Less up-market and more colourful, vibrant, and funky is de Pijp, popular among hipsters.

What is the safest neighborhood in Amsterdam?

10 Safest Places To Visit In Amsterdam (5 Not To Visit Alone)

  1. 1 Be Aware: Slotervaart.
  2. 2 Safe To Stay On A Short Trip: Centraal. …
  3. 3 Safe To Travel With Kids: Plantage. …
  4. 4 Be Aware: Geuzenveld. …
  5. 5 Safe To Stay For Romance: Canal Belt. …
  6. 6 Safe To Stay For Local Charm: De Pijp. …
  7. 7 Be Aware: Reigersbos. …

Where do most expats live in Amsterdam?

To the west of the Grachtengordel sits the Jordaan neighborhood. This is one of the city’s most desirable areas for locals and new arrivals alike. Historically a working-class neighborhood, these days the Jordaan is a bohemian mix of yuppies, expats, and young families.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Amsterdam?

The cheapest neighbourhoods to live in are Amsterdam Zuidoost, Amsterdam Noord, Geuzenveld and De Aker. All these neighbourhoods have all the facilities and will get all your needs covered.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Amsterdam?

A house in the Apollobuurt, the most expensive neighborhood in Amsterdam, costs four times as much at more than 1.1 million euros. The average house price in 25 of the nearly 100 different neighborhoods in Amsterdam is lower than 400,000 euros.

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Where do the wealthy live in Netherlands?



Is Amsterdam nice to live?

Life in Amsterdam is generally calmer than visitors might expect. Away from the tourist-filled areas, the Dutch capital is a relaxed, family-friendly place. In general, the city is very safe, yet you will want to use caution in other areas where bike thefts are common. … Life as a Foreigner.

Are houses expensive in Amsterdam?

According to the study, Amsterdam is the sixth most expensive city in Europe when it comes to housing. Using figures from March 2021, Amsterdam is listed as having an average house price of 407.404 euros, with an average price per square metre of 7.527 euros in the city centre.

Is it safe to walk around Amsterdam at night?

Most Amsterdam neighborhoods are safe for walking—even alone—with a few exceptions. One place to avoid come nightfall is the Red Light District. While it’s filled with all types of people during the day, the area attracts seedier visitors and vagrants at night.

Where should I live in central Amsterdam?

Neighbourhoods of Amsterdam

  • Centre. The historic city centre is the famous face of Amsterdam.
  • Oost. Hip places, green spaces and a diverse population.
  • IJburg. New islands being transformed into modern living districts.
  • Noord. Urban renewal meets natural beauty in the north.
  • Oostelijke Eilanden. …
  • De Plantage. …
  • De Pijp. …
  • Oud Zuid.