What pets are allowed in the Netherlands?

What pets are legal in the Netherlands?

You must fulfil the following criteria, before they will be allowed into the Netherlands: Dogs, cats and ferrets must have had a rabies-vaccination, before they are allowed to enter the Netherlands. Your pet must have had its vaccination at least 21 days before it is admitted to the country.

Is Netherlands pet friendly?

Consider solving the problem by choosing to vacation in the laid back, pet friendly Netherlands. It is a great place to visit with a cat or dog. The Netherlands has plenty of accommodations for both cats and dogs, and also green spots, holiday parks, even many restaurants, bars, and cafes that welcome dogs.

What dogs are illegal in the Netherlands?

In 2008 the Dutch government repealed a 1993 law banning pit bull terriers, pit bull cross breeds and Rottweilers. Instead, all dogs found to show acts of aggression are now mandated to undergo a behaviour test and behaviour-correction training if necessary. Dogs that fail this process may be euthanised.

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Can you own a monkey in Netherlands?

Not all animals are suitable as pets

The most common pets are dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. But some people keep more exotic animals. Not all animals are suitable as pets. Wild animals, for example, may suffer in a domestic environment or they may be dangerous.

Do the Dutch like dogs?

Dutch people love their pets. Puppies are whisked around the city in bike baskets, most cafés and restaurants are dog-friendly, and small pets can ride on public transport for a reduced price.

How do I own a dog in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, all dogs must be registered at the local town hall (gemeente). The declaration with your municipality has to be done within the first 14 days of getting your dog. Proof of registration comes in the form of a small metal tag on the dog’s collar.

Where are dogs allowed in Netherlands?

The Netherlands is generally pretty open about walking dogs in public spaces, but they’re only allowed off-lead in designated areas. Check the signs, or go to your local municipalities website to find where dogs are allowed off-lead in your area. Dogs are also allowed on beaches except during the summer months.

Can landlord forbid pets Netherlands?

In principle, the landlord cannot refuse to allow the tenant to keep pets if the rented property is not unsuitable for keeping specific pets and the articles of association or the rules on internal order for the building do not stop tenants from keeping pets, e.g. if a studio is too small and a dog is too big.

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How much does a dog cost in the Netherlands?

Buying a dog can cost you anything from around 250 euros to figures into the thousands for pure-breeds.

Are Rottweilers banned in Netherlands?

Ownership of ‘Dangerous’ Dogs

In 2008 a change in the rules means that pit bull terriers, pit bull cross breeds and Rottweilers are no longer banned in the Netherlands.

How many dogs can you have in Amsterdam?

The dog population in the Netherlands was measured at approximately 1.95 million in 2019, which is more than ten percent of the country’s human population.

Number of pet dogs in the Netherlands from 2010 to 2020 (in 1,000s)

Characteristic Number of dogs in thousands

How do you get a pet dog?

13 Tips for Every First-Time Dog Owner

  1. Do Your Research. There’s a lot to consider before you bring a four-legged family member home. …
  2. Prep Your House. …
  3. Train Consistently. …
  4. Choose the Right Food. …
  5. Find a Veterinarian. …
  6. Consider a Microchip. …
  7. Know Your Dog’s Needs. …
  8. Get Backup Support.

Are hedgehogs legal in the Netherlands?

Netherlands: European hedgehogs are protected and cannot be kept as pets. Four-toed hedgehogs may legally be kept as pets.

Can you own a skunk in the Netherlands?

Although capable of living indoors with humans similarly to cats or dogs, pet skunks are relatively rare, partly due to restrictive laws and the complexity of their care. Pet skunks are mainly kept in the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Italy.

Are Kinkajous legal UK?

First to be listed are mammals, although reptiles and birds will follow. The UK pet trade offers a diverse range of exotic mammals, including meerkats, sugar gliders, sloths, skunks, kinkajous, fennec foxes and several primate species, which can be purchased without the need for a licence.

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