What is the Von Dutch motorcycle worth?

Wolfe immediately pounced, purchasing the bike for 21,000 USD. Though that may seem like an expensive price tag, this is the only one ever to exist, and is possibly the most intriguing of Von Dutch’s creations.

Who owns the Von Dutch VW motorcycle?

Von Dutch performed the restoration at the behest of his friend. The story has a humorous twist as Von Dutch painted the number of the year on the front plate, but he got it wrong. He pained a ’26, but the bike is really 1929. The current owner of this highly collectible motorcycle is Tonny Sorenson.

How much did American pickers sell the Royal Pioneer bike for?


So, of course, when the Pickers came across this rarity, they happily dished out $55K for it, which then went up in value when they made it look brand new. The bike is now well worth over $100K.

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How many Von Dutch motorcycles are there?

At the Museum the XAVW is parked next to a Triumph Von Dutch painted and some other great Von Dutch creations and paint work. It’s one of over 400 motorcycles at the NMM, and one of about 30 custom bikes, and in a sense one of the most radical, even if it doesn’t gleam with a ton of chrome.

How much is a 1910 Royal Pioneer motorcycle worth?

Thus, Royal Pioneers are exceedingly rare. Fewer than 500 were ever built, and only four are known to exist today. Bonhams & Butterfields is offering this example at its May 8th motorcycle auction at the Quail Lodge in Carmel, California. Pre-auction estimates set the price between $90,000 and $100,000.

How much did American pickers sell the Nash Healey for?

$46,000 Nash-Healeys

The first car had a red body but outfitted with a Cadillac engine, which the owner sold to American Pickers for $21,000. The other one was grey, and took a bit more effort for Mike and Fritz to secure. After some entertaining negotiation over the price, the guys got that one for $25,000.

How much is Frank from American Pickers worth?

American Pickers earned Frank Fritz a nice chunk of change

As of this writing, Fritz’s net worth is estimated at around $6 million, which is certainly a number one can live fairly comfortably on.

How much did Mike and Frank sell the Royal Pioneer for?

Royal Pioneer advertising claimed the bike was “built absolutely without regard to cost;” it appealed to sophisticated buyers who simply wanted the best. Mike purchased one for $55,000, and again, it comes as no surprise that it isn’t for sale. Bonhams sold a Royal Pioneer six years ago for $92,000.

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What is the most valuable thing found on American Pickers?

American Picker’s most expensive items so far, including a $90K motorcycle, $7K Yoda prototype, and $6K banners. THE whole premise behind American Pickers rests on the fact that Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz (previously) travel across the country to find one-of-a-kind antiques worth splurging on.

Did Mike and Frank sell the ace motorcycle?

Mike’s got the bug for collecting vintage motorcycles and he’s not alone. … Zane and Linda agreed to sell the Indian Four for $20,000 and although they were reluctant to let go of the Ace, they parted with that motorcycle for $45,000.

Who owns Von Dutch clothing?

French designer Christian Audigier helped popularize the brand in the early 2000s. Von Dutch was repurchased in 2009 by Groupe Royer S.A., through its Luxembourg subsidiary Royer brands International S.a.r.l.

Von Dutch.

Industry Men’s and women’s apparel and accessories
Parent Groupe Royer S.A., France
Website www.vondutch.com

Who built the Traub motorcycle?

The Traub is a one-off bike made in either 1916 or 1917. Most agree the man who created the bike was Richard Traub of Chicago, especially since the man sent a letter to the editor of Motorcycle Illustrated to tell of the 4-horsepower bike he had created at home back in 1907.

Is there a Volkswagen motorcycle?

Has there ever been a Volkswagen-branded motorcycle? No, Volkswagen has never produced or sold a motorcycle. You won’t find an official motorcycle for sale on the market from the past or present. However, there have been some custom-built VW-powered motorcycles over the years.

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What is the rarest motorcycle in the world?

America’s Rarest

Its builder, and its history may never be known, making the Traub one of the rarest motorcycles in the world. The Dayton Motorcycle was made by the Davis Sewing Machine Company in Dayton, Ohio. This unique Dayton is a one of a kind, with its flexible sidecar, electic light, and horn.

What is the most expensive vintage motorcycle?

Currently, the costliest motorcycle on record is a 1951 Vincent Black Lightning, one of only 30 similar models built by the famed British manufacturer, which changed hands at auction this January for a cool $929,000.

What is the most expensive motorcycle ever sold?

Today, the highest priced motorcycle on record is a 1951 Vincent Black Lightning. Only 30 similar models were built by the famous British manufacturer, which operated in England between 1928 and 1954. In January the ’51 Vincent sold for $929,000 at a Bonhams auction.