What is the rarest Holland Lop color?

Pointed whites are one of the rarest color categories for Holland Lops. They have white bodies, ruby-red eyes, and dark point markings on their noses, ears, feet, and tails.

What is the rarest rabbit color?

1. American Blue Rabbit. They were first known as the German Blue Vienna, but because of World War I, it was changed to the American Blue Rabbit. It is unique to North America and has become the rarest rabbit breed in the United States.

How many colors of Holland Lops are there?

Colors: Holland Lops are categorized into eight color groups for showing, with more than 30 recognized colors overall. In Holland and in countries guided by the British Rabbit Council, the breed is called the Miniature Lop.

What colors can Holland Lops see?

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Color Group Black-Based Colors B_ D_ Blue-Based Colors B_ dd
Agouti Chestnut Chinchilla Opal Squirrel
Wide Band Orange, Red Frosty, *Fawn Cream
Self Black REW/BEW Blue REW/BEW
Shaded Black Tort Siamese Sable Seal Sable Point Blue Tort Smoke Pearl
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How much is a GREY Holland Lop?

The average cost for a pet Holland Lop rabbit is $40, though they can range in price from $20 to $400 or more.

Do Holland Lops change color?

As they age, they lighten into a medium brown. Adult Coloring: Adult chestnuts can range in shades of brown with dark ticking across their coat. An orange intermediate band of color is present on each hair, and can be seen on mid length fur near the nape and muzzle.

How much is a Holland Lop bunny?

How Much Do Holland Lop Rabbit Cost? Like most rabbits, the Holland Lop Rabbit is usually pretty inexpensive. They can cost as little as $40. Most will range between $20 to $400.

Are girl or boy bunnies better?

Gender plays a part, with males tending to be slightly more outgoing than females. Because rabbits have such distinct individual personalities, however, it’s impossible to conclude that one sex always makes better pets than the other.

Are Vienna marked Holland Lops Showable?

This is the result of breeding a BEW (Blue eyed white) to a rabbit that does not carry the Vienna gene. … These are not showable in any breed, and take on the dutch color pattern of the Dutch breed.

What Does VC mean in rabbits?

VC means Vienna carrier and it is a recessive trait. VM’s mean Vienna marked which means they show these traits. VM rabbits are usually disqualified from showing. VC rabbits can be shown and are used in breeding programs that produce blue eyed white (BEW)rabbits.

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Can you show a tri colored Holland Lop?

A tri who is torted will show them in the same areas. A non torted tri will have light insides of their eyes, light fur around their eyes, nose, etc. This is Bo Peep. She is a non torted tri.

Are Holland Lops aggressive?

Holland Lops

Often described as being like a bulldog in shape, the Holland Lop also shares some attitude characteristics with the famous dog breed. Don’t let their petite size fool you; when irritated, they will often bully their way through whatever happens to lie in front of them.

What is the cutest bunny breed?

Here are nine of the cutest breeds in the world.

  • of 9. American Chinchilla. strike0 / Getty Images. …
  • of 9. Angora. gydyt0jas / Getty Images. …
  • of 9. Lionhead. JudyN / Getty Images. …
  • of 9. Lop. NIKITA ARMYAGOV / Getty Images. …
  • of 9. Belgian Hare. michael meijer / Getty Images. …
  • of 9. English Spot. …
  • of 9. Flemish Giant. …
  • of 9. Harlequin.

What does pedigree mean in rabbits?

Really, it’s simply a record of a rabbit’s ancestors. Think of it like a rabbit family tree. You need three generations (your rabbit’s parents, his or her grandparents, and his or her great-grandparents) to be a full pedigree.

What is the cheapest rabbit breed?

On average the least expensive pet rabbit breed is Mixed Breed Bunny. Those are followed closely by the affordable Dutch and Flemish Giant Rabbits.