What is a bachelors degree called in Netherlands?

Graduates obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (BA/BSc) degree, depending on the discipline. A bachelors degree programme offered by universities of applied sciences requires 4 years of study (240 credits).

What is the Dutch equivalent of a bachelor’s degree?

In terms of level, a bachelor’s degree (WO) is comparable to level 6 within the Dutch Qualifications Framework (NLQF level 6/EQF level 6). Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree programme may enrol in a master’s degree programme.

What is the European equivalent of a bachelor’s degree?

Bachelor’s degrees in Europe are usually referred to as first cycle degrees following the European Higher Education Area convention.

What is a general bachelor’s degree called?

A Bachelor of General Studies degree (abbreviated BGS or BGen) is an undergraduate academic degree offered by many colleges and universities. The concept of general studies derives from the medieval European university concept of studium generale.

What is a MBO degree?

The MBO (middelbaar beroepsonderwijs; literally “middle-level applied education”) is oriented towards vocational training and is the equivalent of junior college education. Many pupils with a VMBO-diploma attend MBO. The MBO lasts one to four years, depending on the level. … MBO level 1: Assistant training.

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Is my degree recognized in Netherlands?

Visit the Nuffic website www.nuffic.nl/en/diploma-recognition. This organisation can evaluate any diploma from any country and let you know if you are eligible to study in the Netherlands.

What are A levels equivalent to in the Netherlands?

We require a Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO) with a grade of between 5.5–6.5 (depending on the course applying for), when awarded after six years.


A-level Comparable offer

What is masters degree called in Netherlands?

The Dutch equivalent to a Master’s degree is the Doctoraal (abbreviated Drs.), not to be confused with a Doctoral degree (a PhD). The Master’s usually consists of around 60 ECTS (European credit points) for a one-year programme and 120 ECTS for two years.

What is wo degree Netherlands?

WO (wetenschappelijk onderwijs) means studying at the university. To study at the university, a vwo degree, the general high school diploma, is necessary. It is also possible after one year at a Dutch college (hogeschool) to change to the university. A bachelor’s degree takes three years.

Is a Bachelor’s degree an undergraduate degree?

Undergraduate students are typically those working to earn a bachelor’s degree (or, less commonly, an associate’s degree). These degrees are often referred to with the general term undergraduate degree. Outside of the US, an undergraduate degree is sometimes called a first degree.

Why is it called bachelors degree?

The word bachelor is derived from the Medieval Latin baccalarius and originally referred to someone of low rank in the feudal hierarchy. Over time, the meaning was extended to denote persons of subordinate position in other systems, including those holding a preliminary degree from a college or university.

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What is a better degree BA or BS?

A Bachelor of Science degree offers students a more specialized education in their major. Generally, a BS degree requires more credits than a BA degree because a BS degree is more focused in the specific major. Students are required to focus on studying their major at a more in-depth level.

How many types of BA are there?

The full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts and it comes under the discipline of humanities/arts. BA course duration is 3 years. BA course is divided equally into 6 semesters.

BA Courses List
BA Geography BA Psychology Hons
BA Geography Hons BA Public Administration
BA Hindi BA Sanskrit
BA Hindi Hons BA Sanskrit Hons