What does it mean to be registered in the Netherlands?

Being registered allows the Basisregistratie personen (BRP or Municipal Personal Records Database) to better handle emergency situations, to track the size of the Dutch population and to allocate the right municipal taxes to each household.

What happens if you are not registered in the Netherlands?

Penalties for not registering

If you move to the Netherlands and plan on staying longer than four months, you are legally required to register your address. If you fail to do so, you risk being fined €325.

When should I register in the Netherlands?

You must register within 5 days of arriving in the Netherlands. If your partner and/or children have also come to live in the Netherlands, they must come with you to the municipality. You will be given a citizen service number (BSN) when you register.

How long can you stay in Netherlands without registering?

If you stay in the Netherlands for 4 months or longer, you must register as a resident with the municipality where you live. You must do so within 5 days after your arrival in the Netherlands.

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Do I have to register at the municipality Netherlands?

You have to register with a Dutch municipality when you move to the Netherlands, whether or not you’ve lived here before. Your personal data will be registered or updated in the Personal Records Database (BRP).

How do I become a resident of the Netherlands?

After living in the Netherlands for five years, foreign nationals and their family members can apply for a Dutch permanent residence permit. Once you live in the Netherlands for five continuous years, depending on your nationality and circumstances, you may be eligible for permanent residence.

Is BRP the same as BSN?

The citizen service number (BSN) is a unique personal number allocated to everyone registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP). Everyone who registers with the BRP is automatically given a BSN.

What is registration in Amsterdam?

If you relocate to Amsterdam from abroad, you need to register as a resident here. You must register in person and will get a Citizen Service Number (BSN). You need a Citizen Service Number for all communication with the City and national government.

What does house registration mean?

Registration of the property is a full and final agreement signed between two parties. Once a property is registered, it means that the property buyer in whose favor the property is registered is the lawful owner of the premises and is fully responsible for it in all respects.

How many people can register Netherlands?

How many people can register at one address? This differs per situation; i.e. renting vs. owning a house, and housing corporation and municipality rules. In general, the aim is one person per 10m2, unless it concerns a family.

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Can you work without registration?

If you’ve been wondering, “can I do business without registering,” the simple answer is no. However, there are certain benefits to registering your company with the appropriate authorities that you may want to take advantage of.

Do I need a residence permit to live in the Netherlands?

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days and you are not a national of an EU country, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland, you will need a residence permit. Often, you will also need an authorisation for temporary stay (MVV) to enter the Netherlands.

How long can you stay in the Netherlands without paying taxes?

In most tax treaties, the dependent personal services article states that the employee will be taxed in the employee’s home country/jurisdiction if the employee’s stay in the Netherlands does not exceed 183 days (in a calendar year or 12-month rolling period).

Can I move to the Netherlands without a job?

Moving to the Netherlands without a job can be tough, but by networking and connecting to multinational companies, you should be able to get a job within 4–6 months. If you’re looking for a good place to start, Randstad is a Dutch multinational human resource consulting firm that helps expats get English-speaking jobs.

How do I register my BRP in Netherlands?

The following documents are required for registration on the BRP:

  1. Passport.
  2. Employment contract (if applicable)
  3. Rental contract (or proof of address, or being accompanied by the owner of the home)
  4. Birth certificate (long version) and marriage certificates for each family member being registered.
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