What can you drink in Belgium?

What are popular drinks in Belgium?

Popular Belgian Drinks

  • Duvel. Duvel is a famed Belgian pale ale with a high alcohol content (8.5%). …
  • Black Russian. Did you know that the Black Russian dates back to 1949 in Brussels? …
  • Kriek Lambic. …
  • Jenever. …
  • Witbier. …
  • Dubbel. …
  • Lambic. …
  • 7 Interesting Facts About Manneken Pis in Brussels.

What is the most popular drink in Belgium?

Jenever or genièvre is the national spirit of Belgium from which gin evolved. While beer may be Belgium’s most famous alcoholic beverage, jenever has been the country’s traditional and national spirit for over 500 years.

Can kids drink alcohol in Belgium?

Belgium, Denmark and Germany set 16 years as the minimum age for purchasing beverages containing less than 1.2 % of distilled alcohol and 18 years for buying spirits (more than 1.2 % of distilled alcohol). Sweden set the minimum age for purchasing beverages with more than 3.5 % of alcohol at 20 years.

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What can you drink at 16 in Belgium?

Legal age to purchase beer and wine: 16 (Consumption has the same minimum age) Legal age to purchase spirits: 18 (Consumption has the same minimum age)

Why is Belgian food so bad?

Fumiaki Imamura of Cambridge University, who headed the research, says Belgium performs so badly because fast food is so readily available and because national delicacies including beer, chocolate and waffles are calorie bombs with large amounts of calories. …

Do Belgians eat lots of chocolate?

Chocolate is of such importance in Belgium that it deserves its own page. You could say this is proven by the fact that Belgians eat 8 kilo’s of the stuff each and every year. And, just as with everything food- and drink-related in the country of Belgium, its chocolatiers don’t stop their innovating. …

What alcohol is Brussels known for?

Lambic (English: /lɒ̃bikˌ ˈlæmbɪk/) is a type of beer brewed in the Pajottenland region of Belgium southwest of Brussels and in Brussels itself since the 13th century.

Bottled lambic beers
Country of origin Belgium
Yeast type Spontaneous fermentation
Alcohol by volume 2–8%

What is a typical Belgian dinner?

Again, Belgium’s local food comprises sweet and savory waffles, fries, and various kinds of cheese. Mussels and beef are also savoured in local food dishes. … There are many foods and drink items that Belgium is famous for such as cheese, mussels, rabbit stew, chocolate, waffles, fries, and boterhammen or tartines.

What is a typical Belgian breakfast?

The breakfast in Belgium consists of breads, toasted or untoasted, with several marmalades, jams, and chocolate & nut spread or just with a bar of chocolate. Other common toppings include sliced meats and cheeses. … Belgians often enjoy coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water, or fresh juice with breakfast.

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Can you smoke in Belgium?

In Belgium, smoking is prohibited in public buildings – including airports – except in specially equipped smoking rooms. This ban also applies to electronic cigarettes.

Can 17 year olds drink?

Legally the 18 year old can buy alcohol and the 17 year old can drink it in a pub or restaurant with a meal.

Can 18 year olds drink?

In the United States, the minimum legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages is 21 years of age; the two exceptions are Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands where the age is 18. The legal drinking age varies by state.

Can you drink on the street in Belgium?

Belgium. In Belgium, most major cities (like Antwerp for ex.) have local laws making public alcohol consumption illegal (mostly in specified areas like major squares or streets near the city center). Although these laws are not always enforced, it can result in fines up to € 350.

What is the youngest drinking age in the world?

Although the majority of the countries around the world have set the MLDA at 18 years, 16 years is considered the youngest drinking age. At least eight countries and regions have set their MLDA at 16 years.

What is Mexico’s drinking age?

The minimum legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old. Mexico requires that young adults show photo identification, either a passport or driver’s license, as proof of age when buying alcohol.