Question: Was Belgium neutral in ww2?

Despite being neutral at the start of World War II, Belgium and its colonial possessions found themselves at war after the country was invaded by German forces on 10 May 1940. … Many Belgians were involved in both armed and passive resistance to German forces, although some chose to collaborate with the German forces.

Which side was Belgium on in WW2?

When France and Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939, Belgium remained strictly neutral while mobilising its reserves. Without warning, the Germans invaded Belgium on 10 May 1940.

Did Belgium have an army in WW2?

The Belgians began mobilisation on 25 August 1939 and by May 1940 mounted a field army of 18 infantry divisions, two divisions of partly motorised Chasseurs Ardennais and two motorised cavalry divisions, a force totaling some 600,000 men. Belgian reserves may have been able to field 900,000 men.

What was Belgium called in WW2?


Full Name Kingdom of Belgium
Alliance Allies – Minor Member Nation or Possession
Entry into WW2 10 May 1940
Population in 1939 8,387,000
Military Deaths in WW2 12,100
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Did Germany violate Belgian neutrality?

One of the twentieth century’s biggest mistakes took place one hundred years ago tomorrow. On that day, August 2, 1914, the German ambassador in Belgium delivered an ultimatum from his government. … The violation of Belgian neutrality was a key aspect of the Schlieffen Plan, the German plan for a war with France.

Was Luxembourg neutral in ww2?

The German occupation of Luxembourg in World War II began in May 1940 after the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was invaded by Nazi Germany. Although Luxembourg was officially neutral, it was situated at a strategic point at the end of the French Maginot Line.

What side was Switzerland on in ww2?

During World War I and World War II, Switzerland maintained armed neutrality, and was not invaded by its neighbors, in part because of its topography, much of which is mountainous.

Was the Netherlands neutral in ww2?

Despite Holland’s attempts to remain neutral as WWII took hold in Europe, German forces invaded the country on 10 May 1940. Soon after, Holland was under German control. This began five years of occupation, during which life only got worse for the Dutch people.

Was Denmark neutral in ww2?

At the outset of World War II in September 1939, Denmark declared itself neutral. For most of the war, the country was a protectorate and then an occupied territory of Germany. The decision to occupy Denmark was taken in Berlin on 17 December 1939.

How did Sweden stay neutral in WWII?

But by a combination of its geopolitical location in the Scandinavian Peninsula, realpolitik maneuvering during an unpredictable course of events, and a dedicated military build-up after 1942, Sweden kept its official neutrality status throughout the war.

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Is Belgium neutral?

Belgium had been a neutral country since the Treaty of London in 1839.

Do they speak Flemish in Belgium?

Flemish is spoken by approximately 5.5 million people in Belgium and by a few thousand people in France. Flemish is spoken by about 55% of the population of Belgium. There are also several thousand Flemish speakers in France. Flemish uses the Latin alphabet.

What did Germans do to Belgian babies?

One such story was that German soldiers were deliberately mutilating Belgian babies by cutting off their hands, in some versions even eating them. Eyewitness accounts told of having seen a similarly mutilated baby.

Who guaranteed Belgian neutrality?

In the Treaty of November 15, 1831, the five Great Powers of Europe—Great Britain, France, Austria, Prussia, and Russia—guaranteed the perpetual neutrality of the new kingdom and the integrity and inviolability of its territory.

What was poor little Belgium?

‘Poor Little Belgium,’ the cause of Britain entering the European war of 1914 and turning it into a World War, was nothing of the kind. It was, in 1914, a highly militarised society at the centre of the world’s arms industry with a massive army and a dubious neutrality.