Question: How long does it take to get a driving license in the Netherlands?

If successful, you will immediately receive both a certificate of competence (Verklaring van rijvaardigheid) and a certificate of fitness (Verklaring van geschiktheid). Once you present them to your municipality, you will receive your new driving licence within five days.

How hard is it to get a driving license in the Netherlands?

The Dutch driving licence is among the most universally accepted thanks to the Netherlands being part of the EU. It is also, however, among the most difficult to obtain. An exacting testing process combined with solid infrastructure means that Dutch roads are some of the safest in the world (Dutch Road Safety).

How much does it cost to get a driver’s license in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, obtaining a driving license costs on average 2,450 euros (prices in 2017), according to research by the CBR among exam candidates 2017. In addition, they achieved an average of 38.2 lessons, which together cost around 1,750 euros.

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Is the Dutch driving test hard?

The Dutch have the most demanding driving test in Europe. Their pass rate is one of the lowest, 40%.

How long does it take to receive driving licence after test?

Once you’ve applied, you should receive your full licence within three weeks. Don’t worry about the wait, though—you can legally drive independently as soon as you’ve passed your driving test.

What happens if you drive without a license Netherlands?

7(1), and driving without, or without a valid, driving license (arts. 9 & 107), all three punishable with a maximum penalty of three months’ imprisonment or a fine of the third category (€8,200) (id. … (See also Fines and Damages, supra.) Blok will therefore propose higher maximum penalties for these offenses.

At what age can you drive in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, a licence to drive a car (licence B) can be obtained from the age of 17. However, the drivers must be supervised by an adult, who’s at least 27 years old, until reaching the age of 18.

How long does it take to pass drivers license?

It usually takes around 30 to 40 hours to reach test standard. 2 x 1.5 hour lessons per week should allow you to reach test standard within around 2 to 3 months depending on your ability.

Can I get a Dutch driving license?

The minimum age for driving in the Netherlands is 17. You cannot get a full license until the age of 18. Under a national scheme, drivers can pass their theory test at the age of 16, take lessons and do a preliminary test at 16.5, and then their full test at 17.

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How do you drive in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, you drive on the right – as is the case in much of continental Europe. Before driving in the Netherlands, there are a few things you should know: You should use dipped headlights after dark and in misty conditions. Bicycles and mopeds have priority over cars, so be extra careful around cycle lanes.

Can I drive right after passing my test?

After you have passed your permit test, you must wait at least 6 months before you can schedule your road test. During this time, you must complete 50 practice hours on the road with a licensed California driver, who is over 25.

Can I drive while waiting for my licence?

No. You must wait for DVLA to reissue you with a new driving licence before you can start driving again. My last licence entitled me to drive lorries/ buses.

Can you drive home after passing your test?

If you’ve just passed your test, you’ll be pleased to know you are legally able to drive home from the test centre should you choose to, as long as your car is taxed and correctly insured.