Question: Does Alec Holland become Swamp Thing?

They pull over to rest and Alec drifts of and goes into the Green. They warn him that the Rot is coming, that it will take over his world and that they have fought this war for millions of years and it is now Alec’s turn to be the Swamp Thing.

How did Alec Holland become Swamp Thing?

Live Action. In the 1990 TV series, Alec Holland was once a brilliant biochemist working in the swamps of Louisiana. … Holland and his formula collapsed into the swamplands surrounding his laboratory and the formula reacted with the local plant life transforming him into the Swamp Thing.

Who Turns Into Swamp Thing?

Alan Hallman was selected by the Parliament of Trees to be the planet’s Earth elemental before Alec Holland became the Swamp Thing. He had been a scientist working on a formula to repair damaged crops when the Parliament chose him, and he died in flames, as all Earth elementals must.

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Is Alex the Swamp Thing?

Alexander “Alex” Olsen, also known as Swamp Thing, is a fictional character and a member of the Parliament of Trees in comic books published by the American company DC Comics. He first appeared in House of Secrets #92 (July 1971), but his first appearance in Swamp Thing comics was in Swamp Thing Vol.

Is Alec Holland dead in Swamp Thing?

However, Alec Holland was dead. The Swamp Thing laboured for a time under the misconception that he had actually been Alec, transformed into a monster. Eventually, he discovered that he was merely plant matter that had absorbed Alec’s consciousness through a series of particular circumstances.

Why did Alan Moore leave Swamp Thing?

Alan Moore. As Swamp Thing was heading for cancellation due to low sales, DC editorial agreed to give Alan Moore (at the time a relatively unknown writer whose previous work included several stories for 2000 AD, Warrior and Marvel UK) free rein to revamp the title and the character as he saw fit.

Who is Swamp Thing love interest?

Abigail “Abby” Arcane is a fictional character and hero in comic books published by the American company DC Comics. She first appeared in Swamp Thing #3 (March 1973), and was created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. Abigail is the love interest of Swamp Thing and is portrayed by Crystal Reed on the 2019 TV Series.

Who is Swamp Thing’s arch enemy?

Anton Arcane is a DC Comics supervillain who first appeared in Swamp Thing #2 (January 1973), and was created by writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson. He is the archenemy of the Swamp Thing, the protagonist of the comics.

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Who is stronger Swamp Thing or poison ivy?

Though they are very unlikely to assist her, Ivy has still had some very powerful allies over the years. Unfortunately, Swamp Thing still has the more powerful friends at his back, making him the clear winner in this regard.

Can Swamp Thing beat Superman?

If Superman doesn’t hurt the Earth, he has nothing to fear from the Protector of the Green. However, if the two ever did fight, Swamp Thing has more than enough in him to defeat the Man of Steel. … If the need to fight every arose, Swamp Thing could grow as big as needed and become immensely stronger than Superman.

Is Swamp Thing the most powerful?

Swamp Thing possesses superhuman strength. While Swamp Thing’s strength has never been portrayed as prominently as many of his other abilities, he is arguably one the most powerful beings in the DCU. … Swamp Thing can control any form of plant life.

Do Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy get along?

10 Great Together: Connection To The Green

The Green is an elemental force that Ivy and Swamp Thing use to connect to all plant life. Their connection to the Green allows them to control plant life as well as tune in with plants around the world.

Is Swamp Thing immortal?

While his body isn’t quite invulnerable, Swamp Thing is basically immortal. As long as there’s plant life to cling to – be it a tree or a a bush or piece of tobacco – Swamp Thing can transmit his consciousness and rebuild his body anew.

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What happened to Alec Holland?

His body is drenched in the bio-restorative formula, and this affects the plant life of the swamp, imbuing it with Alec’s consciousness and memories. … Over the course of his research, the Floronic Man deduces that the Swamp Thing is a plant that thinks it is Alec Holland; the real Alec Holland died in the explosion.

What happened to Swamp Thing at the end of Justice League Dark?

The original Swamp Thing has been killed. The defender of the Green sacrificed himself to help stop the Upside-Down Man in the pages of Justice League Dark. However, in the latest issue, his teammate and friend Kirk Langstrom, AKA Man-Bat, discovers that Swamp Thing may be down, but not out.

Who makes up Justice League Dark?

Prior to the Justice League Dark from the New 52, there was similar version of the team called the Secret Seven in the Flashpoint Timeline. The team consists of Shade, the Changing Man; Abra Kadabra, Amethyst, Enchantress, Mindwarp, Raven, Zatanna, Black Orchid, Klarion, Miss X, Simon Magus, Stiletto, and Trigon.