Is Belgium’s population growing?

Belgium is growing at a low, steady pace of 0.44%, adding about 50,300 people to the population every year. This low population growth rate is good for a country that is already fairly densely populated.

How fast is the population growing in Belgium?

In 2020, the Belgian population increased by only 8,043 people. The forecast predicts that from 2021 to 2025, annual growth would increase by about 40,000 each year.

Population growth in Belgium from 2010 to 2025.

Characteristic Population growth
2020 8,043
2019 61,851
2018 57,335
2017 54,009

Is Belgium overpopulated?

Belgium has a considerably dense population compared to its small land mass. … With 942 people per square mile, the country ranks as the 33rd most densely populated country in the world.

What is Belgium’s population 2021?

The current population of Belgium is 11,660,737 as of Monday, November 29, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data. Belgium 2020 population is estimated at 11,589,623 people at mid year according to UN data.

Why is Belgium’s population increasing?

Birth- and deathrate in Belgium

Population growth is the result of the birth rate, the mortality rate and the migration rate. The example of the year 2019 in the graph: The population in Belgium increased by about 61,900 inhabitants. … Over the past 10 years, the number of average deaths per year was 107,923 in Belgium.

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What is the capital of Belgium?

Brussels, Flemish Brussel, French Bruxelles, city, capital of Belgium. It is located in the valley of the Senne (Flemish: Zenne) River, a small tributary of the Schelde (French: Escaut). Greater Brussels is the country’s largest urban agglomeration.

Is Belgium a good place to live?

Belgium is a very family-friendly country to live in. It has good educational, healthcare, and cultural facilities in all the main cities. Belgium is generally quite a safe place to live. Brussels has many municipalities popular with young families and the city has some of the best international schools.

Is Belgium a powerful country?

Belgium is considered a high-income country, and reports a comparatively high quality of life for its citizens, as well as high levels of health care. It is viewed as providing comparatively quality education.

Is Belgium Good for immigration?

It shows that Belgium is one of the most attractive countries for highly skilled foreigners thanks to the speed, low cost and accessible conditions for obtaining a work permit. … Previous editions of Deloitte’s comparative immigration study showed that Belgium scored the best in Europe.

How many Belgians are in the world?


Belgen (Dutch) Belges (French) Belgier (German)
c. 11–12 million
Regions with significant populations
Belgium 10,839,905 (Belgian nationality only, 1 January 2014)
United States 352,630

Which ethnic group in Belgium has the largest population?

French – speakers ethnic groups in Belgium has the largest population.

How many people are leaving Belgium?

By 2021, the total population had increased by about 768,000 people, leaving the total at approximately 11.52 million inhabitants. In the future, the population of Belgium is expected to increase even further.

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