How many rivers are in Belgium?

Belgium has two major rivers, the Schelde (Escaut) and the Meuse (Maas), both of which originate in France and flow east across Belgium.

What major rivers are in Belgium?

Major Rivers Of Belgium

Rank Major Rivers of Belgium Total Length
1 Meuse 575 miles (shared with France and the Netherlands)
2 Scheldt 220 miles (shared with France and the Netherlands)
3 Oise 212 miles (shared with France)
4 Semois 130 miles (shared with France)

Which river flows through Belgium?

Meuse River, Latin Mosa, Flemish Maes, Dutch Maas, river, rising at Pouilly on the Langres Plateau in France and flowing generally northward for 590 miles (950 km) through Belgium and the Netherlands to the North Sea.

What are the main lakes and rivers in Belgium?


  • 1.1 Meuse.
  • 1.2 Rhine.
  • 1.3 Scheldt.
  • 1.4 Seine.
  • 1.5 Yser.

How many rivers are in France?

France has more than 100 rivers, but there are five major ones. The most famous is the Seine, which runs right through the capital, Paris, on its way from Burgundy to the English Channel.

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Which is the longest river in Belgium?

Geography of Belgium

Continent Europe
Borders Total land borders: 1,297 km
Highest point Signal de Botrange 694 m (2,277 ft)
Lowest point De Moeren −3 m (−10 ft)
Longest river Escaut 200 km

How many rivers are in the Netherlands?

Major Rivers Of The Netherlands

Rank Major Rivers of the Netherlands Total Length
1 Rhine 764 miles (shared with Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and France)
2 Meuse 575 miles (shared with Belgium and France)
3 Eems 231 miles (shared with Germany)
4 Schelde 220 miles (shared with Belgium and France)

What is the largest lake in Belgium?

The Eau d’Heure lakes (French: lacs de l’Eau d’Heure) is a complex of five artificial lakes in Wallonia, forming the largest lake area in Belgium.

Eau d’Heure lakes
Surface area 6.17 km2 (2.38 sq mi)
Max. depth 43 m (141 ft)
Water volume 86,000,000 m3 (70,000 acre⋅ft)
Shore length1 50 km (31 mi)

What rivers are in Flanders?

Contexts in source publication

… three major rivers in Flanders are the Yser, Scheldt, and Meuse ( Fig. 1). All discharge into the North Sea, but only the river Yser and a few canals drain directly into the sea within the Flemish territory.

Which river is Maastricht on?

Maastricht, gemeente (municipality), southeastern Netherlands. It lies along the Meuse (Maas) River at the junction of the Juliana, Liège-Maastricht, and Zuid-Willems canals. Maastricht is the principal city in the southeastern appendix of The Netherlands and is only 2 miles (3 km) from the Belgian border.

Does Belgium have any rivers?

Belgium has two major rivers, the Schelde (Escaut) and the Meuse (Maas), both of which originate in France and flow east across Belgium. They gather numerous tributaries before continuing through the Netherlands and draining into the North Sea. Among the largest tributaries of the Schelde River are the Leie and Dender.

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How many lakes are there in Belgium?


Name Region Surface Area (ha)
Ixelles Ponds Brussels
Lake Bütgenbach Wallonia 120
Lake Eau d’Heure Wallonia 617
Lake Eupen Wallonia 126

How many mountains are in Belgium?

There are 286 named mountains in Belgium. Weißer Stein is the highest point. The most prominent mountain is Baraque de Fraiture.

How many rivers flow through Paris?

Paris is on the River Seine, or the Seine River. The Seine River is 483 miles long and gets its water from various tributaries including Aube, the Loing, the Yonne, the Eure, the Essonne, the Aisne, and the Marne rivers.

Which is the longest river of Spain?

Ebro River, Spanish Río Ebro, Latin Iberus or Hiberus, river, the longest in Spain. The Ebro rises in springs at Fontibre near Reinosa in the Cantabrian Mountains, in the Cantabria province of northern Spain.