How do I renew my Belgian resident card?

How do I renew my residence card in Belgium?

Make an appointment to apply for the renewal by following the applicable procedure in the town or city hall of your place of residence. A few weeks after the application, you will receive the PIN codes of your new electronic Belgian residence card by post.

What is annex 47 Belgium?

If one or both of the authorities fail to take a decision, you receive a certificate to grant a single permit (annex 47) from the Immigration Office. If one or both of the authorities reject your application, you receive a decision to reject a right of residence (annex 48).

How long does it take to get f card in Belgium?

Nowadays, one usually has to wait for an average of 8 to 12 months from the day of arriving in Belgium to get the F Card.

How do I get annex 49?

You will need the visa to be allowed to enter Belgium. Upon arrival in Belgium, you must register at the town or city hall of your place of residence. They will give you an Annex 49 pending the issue of your single permit.

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What is Annex 8 Belgium?

Foreigner’s ID card

If a positive decision is made by the immigration office, you will receive an annex 8. This is proof of your registration in the Belgian national registry. You may also request an electronic ID card (type E) but this is not obligatory – a fee will apply.

What is a Belgian D card?

EU long-term residency status: Electronic residence card type D. If you resided legally and continuously in Belgium for five years, you can apply for the EU long-term residency status. … Holders of the residence card type D are registered in the civil registry.

How do I renew my single permit in Belgium?

Renewal of single permit

Do you want to renew your single permit? In that case, submit your application file to the Economic Migration Department at least 2 months and maximum 4.5 months before the expiry date.

Can I stay in Belgium after divorce?

If your right to stay in Belgium is a spousal permit (eg. tied to their job) you will have to apply for a permit in your own name or leave the country. Other residency rights are unaffected by divorce. If you need to reapply for a permit, read our complete guide to Belgian visas and permits.

How can I get Belgian ID card?

All Belgian nationals over 12 years old who have their primary residence abroad and who are listed in the population registers of a Belgian embassy or career consulate, can apply for a Belgian identity card.

Can you work in Belgium with an F card?

Non EU citizens who are family members of an EU or non EU citizen, wishing to work in Belgium are subjected to specific rules. Family members of an EU citizen holders of a residence permit called « F card or F+ card » are exempted from the work permit obligation.

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Can an illegal immigrant get married in Belgium?

According to the Belgian government, air tickets and rental agreements can be used as proof of residence. At the time of writing, a casual reading of the English webpage for the Belgian department of immigration suggests that foreigners can get married in Belgium with a ‘class C’ Schengen visa.

Is there a fiance visa in Belgium?

These are the requirements for Filipino citizens who wish to marry in Belgium. This type of visa can only be granted/refused by Home Office (visa department) in Brussels. All applications of this type have to be submitted to Home Office (visa department) in Brussels. …

What is annex46?

Annexe 46 is the final approval issued by the Immigration Office regarding the single permit. When the employee receives the Annexe 46 document, (s)he is allowed to apply for the visa D at the Belgian Embassy. The same applies to renewals where a person needs to obtain first the Annexe 49 document at the town hall.

How can I legally live in Belgium?

Once you live in Belgium for five years, you may qualify for permanent residency in Belgium. Certain residents will also be able to apply for Belgian nationality if they fulfill certain conditions. Both allow you to stay in Belgium indefinitely, working or otherwise, under similar conditions as Belgian citizens.

Can an American work in Belgium?

Anyone working in Belgium must obtain a work permit and as soon as you do, you are presumed a resident. You must obtain a residency permit if you plan to stay in Belgium for more than 3 months.

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