How do I pay a parking fine in the Netherlands?

If you have received a traffic fine, you can check it online at CJIB’s online service counter (in Dutch). You need to log in with DigiD. You can then check your camera photo and pay your fine online. Non-residents can fill in a form to request the camera photo and pay fines through bank transfer.

How do I pay a parking ticket in the Netherlands?

You can pay the parking fine via MijnDenHaag. You can also transfer the amount directly.

Include the following 3 details in the description of your payment:

  1. NL 12 BNGH 028 51 33 675.
  2. BIC (SWIFT-code) BNGH NL 2G.
  3. the payment reference number of the parking ticket.

What happens if you don’t pay a fine in Netherlands?

If you neglect to pay the fine in time, or neglect to pay the full amount, you will receive a maximum of two payment reminders. The sum payable will increase with each reminder. The amount of the first reminder is 1.5 times the original amount. The amount of the second reminder is three times the original amount.

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What is CJIB Netherlands?

Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) Collection – Dutch Payments Association.

How do I pay parking with my phone in Amsterdam?

Pay using your mobile phone: Park and Call

You can also use your mobile phone to pay for parking. The companies providing this service are Sunhill (, Parkman and Yellowbrick listed on Park and Call (in Dutch). The five-digit number for phone parking can be found on the street signs.

Where can I pay my fines in the Netherlands?

You pay the traffic fine to the Central Fine Collection Agency (Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau, CJIB).

How do I pay CJIB?

You can pay using online banking, taking note of the following:

  1. Use the correct IBAN number. …
  2. Use the Bank Identifier Code (BIC/SWIFT): INGBNL2A or INGBNL2AXXX.
  3. The name and address of our bank: …
  4. Name and address of account holder:

How do I know if I have been fined?

If your fine is not yet overdue, you can call Revenue NSW on either 1300 138 118 or 02 7808 6940 or via the Fine Enquiry Form. If your fine is overdue, you can call Revenue NSW on either 1300 655 805 or 02 7808 6941 or via the Overdue Fine Enquiry Form.

Is paying a fine the same as a conviction?

YES, if you refer to, for instance, a speeding ticket, or any driving offense where you are permitted to send in a “fine” to avoid having to go to Court. This is actually a guilty plea, and as such constitutes a conviction when paid. No, paying a fine satisfies the terms or condition of your sentence.

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Is it a criminal Offence to not pay a fine?

Highway offences

If it’s paid within 14 days, the level of the penalty is reduced to £50. If the penalty is not paid within the 28-day period, legal proceedings for the offence may be started. There is no appeals process. Failure to pay will result in prosecution and a maximum penalty of £1,000 on conviction.

What happens if you don’t pay police fine?

Enforcement agents and bailiffs

If the penalty charge has not been paid within 21 days of the Order for Recovery being served, we will ask for a Warrant of Control which will be passed to an enforcement agent to recover the outstanding debt.

What happens if you dont pay your traffic fine?

If you don’t pay or dispute your traffic fine by the due date, and if you do not appear in court to present your case, a warrant for your arrest will be issued automatically, when the case goes to court.

How do I contest a fine in the Netherlands?

You can appeal against the decision by sending a letter to the Public Prosecution Service. You must do this within 6 weeks of the date on our letter. If you have already paid the fine directly to the police, include a copy of the police report.

How do you pay for parking in Amsterdam?

You can buy day, evening or night tickets at the on-street parking meter. You can buy day, evening, week, month or annual parking tickets online at (in Dutch) or at one of the City Offices. These tickets are cheaper than paying per hour at the parking meter.

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How much is a parking fine in Amsterdam?

If you have paid an insufficient amount for parking or haven’t paid at all, you will receive a parking fine. The costs of a parking fine are currently € 65.30 plus registered parking time.