Does Belgian French sound different?

There are a few consistent phonological differences between the French in France and Belgium but usually no more than the differences between regional dialects within France (or the ones that exist between in the English of Toronto and Vancouver (Canada) for instance), which might even be nonexistent.

Is the Belgian French accent different?

Belgium. French is spoken by a little less than 40% of the population of Belgium, and although there are different regional accents, a few things reunite all Belgian accents. … Belgian French accents tend to be a little more nasal, and they distinguish between certain sounds that the French pronounce the same way.

How does Belgian French sound?

Well, the Belgian R is like the American one in this respect. It is more pronounced and harsher than in Standard French. Nasal vowels might sound a little different as well. Sometimes you may hear the consonant in a nasal vowel like -an or -en, or the nasal vowel -in will have a longer vowel and sound more like -een.

Do Belgians understand French?

French is spoken by around 40% of Belgians as their primary tongue, while just 1% of the population speaks German as their first language. Many Belgians also speak one or more second languages. 16% speak Flemish Dutch as a second language, 49% speak French and 22% speak German.

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Why do Belgians sound French?

For some reason the French love to laugh at Belgians. … But there is at least one legitimate reason why some French confuse Belgians and Quebeckers: Both produce diphthongs (combinations of two vowel sounds) for certain vowels and drag other vowels out in a way that Parisian French no longer does.

Are Belgians German or French?

Belgians are made up of two main linguistic and ethnic groups; the Dutch-speakers (called the Flemish) and the French-speakers (mostly Walloons), as well as a third tiny but constitutionally recognized group from two small German-speaking areas.

Who is Belgian but speaks French?

Belgium is divided into three regions: Flanders in the north, the Brussels-Capital Region in the middle, and Wallonia in the south. To make matters a little more confusing, the Flemish speak Dutch but do not consider themselves Dutch, and the Walloons speak French but do not consider themselves French.

Does Belgium speak English?

Even though English isn’t an official language of Belgium, it is still spoken by 55% of its people. When visiting Brussels, you can see by their bilingual street signs that both Dutch and French are widely used, therefore there is no risk of offending someone when opening a conversation in either language.

Is Belgian Dutch different?

Dutch is an official language in Belgium, but it’s not spoken throughout the whole country. … The ‘Belgian Dutch’ is called Flemish (Vlaams). The good news is that the grammar in both countries is exactly the same and in general vocabulary is comparable.

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Can Dutch understand Flemish?

In essence, a Dutch speaker will be able to understand a Flemish speaker and respond back, and the same goes for the opposite. … Dutch people also often mention that the Flemish dialect sounds softer. This is because the Dutch language makes use of stronger tones.